Dead Space Remake Burnished Suit: How to Unlock It

Here's how to unlock the Burnished Suit in the Dead Space Remake.

Looking for some new suits for Isaac Clarke in the Dead Space Remake? One of the coolest suits in the game is also one of the toughest to unlock. Here’s how you can unlock the Burnished Suit in the Dead Space Remake. 

How to Get the Burnished Suit in Dead Space Remake

To get the Burnished Suit in the Dead Space Remake, you’ll need to complete the game in Impossible Mode. After completing the game on Impossible difficulty, load a New Game+, and you can access the Burnished Suit from the Shop Storage. 

Once you load up or start a New Game+ file, access the Store and go to the Storage menu. You should see the Burnished Suit, a polished titanium RIG for those who conquer the greatest challenges without a scratch. Select the suit and Equip it to see how it looks.

If you’ve never attempted Impossible difficulty in the Dead Space Remake, you’re in for a treat. First off, you only get one save slot. That doesn’t mean you can only save once, but you’ll need to keep overwriting your progress within that one slot. Secondly, you will get one shot, and the game converts back to Hard mode difficulty when you die.

For that reason, many players do something known as “save scumming,” which essentially means taking advantage of cloud save files and replacing them whenever you die. Another thing you could do is force close the game if you’re about to die so you can pick back up where you last saved.

However you choose to go about it, you’ll need to master weapons like the Plasma Cutter to make it out of Impossible mode in one piece. Good luck on your quest to unlock the Burnished Suit in the new Dead Space Remake!