Dead Space Remake: How to Restore Power to Junction

In Chapter 12 of the Dead Space Remake, one of your mission objectives will be to Restore Power to Junction, but one of the Batteries is hidden. This guide will walk you through it. 

Sometimes in the Dead Space Remake, certain mission objectives that should feel easy aren’t. One happens in Chapter 12 and tasks the player to “Restore Power to Junction.” If you’re lost, this guide will walk you through exactly how to do it. 

How to Restore Power to Junction in Chapter 12

To complete the “Restore Power to Junction” objective, players must locate and insert the three batteries once descending from the lift. If the batteries didn’t spawn, reload the autosave at the beginning of the chapter, and they should appear in the room. 

For one of the three Batteries, players will need to use Kinesis to move the crates in the corner of the room to reveal it. 

Once the player has restored the power to the Junction, they can restart the Tether Generator and engage anti-gravity. Once in the air, players should destroy the Necromorph sacks and use their Stasis ability on the rotating blades to make their way through the rest of the chapter and activate the bridge. 

Did this mission objective give you problems at first? Did the Batteries not spawn for you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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