Dead Space Remake: How to Escape the Hunter in Chapter 10

This objective is easier than you think.

The solution may surprise you if you’re completely confused in Chapter 10 on how to Escape the Hunter in the new Dead Space Remake

There are a ton of different missions, complex puzzles, and things to keep you busy in the new Dead Space Remake. By Chapter 10, you should be ready to take on any challenge, but a small mission objective after you talk to Dr. Mercer to “Escape the Hunter,” may have you stumped. Here’s the solution. 

How to Escape the Hunter in Chapter 10 

To Escape the Hunter in Chapter 10, shoot out the attacking Hunter’s legs, then shoot the yellow pustule inside the operating room. You’ll only need to hit a single pustule to clear the tendrils from the door so you can escape to the next part. Use your Locator to follow the hallway until you reach your next mission objective. 

Tendril Pustule, Dead Space Remake

This one has many players stumped because you only really need to hit that single pustule — save your ammo for Necromorphs instead of getting stuck on this part. 

Did this mission objective have you stumped at first? How long did it take you to get past it? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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