Dead Space Remake: Find the Captain’s Body in Chapter 2

How morbid.

If you can’t complete the Find the Captain’s Body objective after detonating the door in Chapter 2 in the new Dead Space Remake, we created this guide to help you through it. 

The Dead Space Remake is filled with puzzles that might have you stumped, especially if you’ve never played the original game. If you are in Chapter 2 and you’re having trouble finding the Captain’s Body, we have your solution. 

Where to Find the Captain’s Body in the Dead Space Remake

In the Dead Space Remake, the Captain’s Body in Chapter 2 can be found in the Morgue. Here’s where to find the Morgue: 

  1. Make your way through to the Emergency Room to the right. 
  2. Walk over to the Circuit Breaker to the right of the room, and turn off the Lights to expose the battery. 
  3. Use Kinesis on the battery and place it into the port next to the ER Hallway A. 
  4. Continue through the hallway to the Intensive Care Unit. 
  5. Finally, make your way to the Morgue and use your Kinesis on the battery in the hall to engage the elevator to the Morgue. 

Once you enter the Morgue, a cutscene will engage, continuing you through the rest of Chapter 2. That’s where you can find the Captain’s Body in Chapter 2 of the Dead Space Remake. Did this part have you stumped at first? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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