Dead Space Remake: Front Towards Enemy Location and Guide

Trying to get all the trophies?

Are you having trouble completing the Front Towards Enemy trophy achievement in the Dead Space Remake? We’ve got the guide for you. 

While the Dead Space Remake is very similar to the original iconic game that horror fans have come to love, there are a few key differences between the new game and old game. One of these has to do with an achievement called “Front Towards Enemy” which tasks the player to “Survive the Shooting Gallery.” Luckily, we’ve figured it out, so you don’t have to.

Dead Space Remake: Front Towards Enemy Location

To complete the Front Towards Enemy achievement, head to the Armory after releasing the missile in Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival. The door to the Armory will be across the room from the Torpedo Bay console. Once you enter the Armory, go to the Shooting Range room and walk up to the console and activate it.

Shooting Range, Dead Space Remake

Necromorphs will spawn in the room a few moments after you activate the Shooting Range console. Players should be able to take them out with a few shots, so make sure you’ve brought ammo. 

Unlike the original Dead Space, the Shooting Range is not a mini-game were players have unlimited ammo, so don’t waste your ammo on the targets, or you may get destroyed by the spawned enemies. 

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