Dead Space Remake: How to Plant SOS Beacon in Chapter 7

If you're stuck, we're here to help.

If you have trouble figuring out how to plant the SOS Beacon in Chapter 7 of the Dead Space Remake, we’ve created this guide to show you the way. 

The Dead Space Remake is filled with complex puzzles, some of which don’t have any on-screen prompts to help you solve them. One of the more confusing mission objectives is in Chapter 7 when the RIG tells you that you need to plant the SOS Beacon and Destroy Gravity Tethers. If you’ve been struggling with this mission, keep reading. 

How to Plant SOS Beacon in Chapter 7

Use your Locator to continue to Mining Bay. Using your Kinesis ability, power the door with a battery. Once you enter the Mining Bay doors, make an immediate right to enter a large open room with a giant gear. Use your Stasis skill to slow down the wheel, then shoot the purple computer chip on the side of the mechanical wheel. Repeat the process on the other giant wheel after going zero gravity to Destroy the Gravity Tethers objective. Lastly, you’ll need to disable two more Tethers outside in space, then plant the SOS Beacon. 

disable gravity tethers dead space remake

Once the Tethers have been taken down, float out straight into space on the other side of the floating meteor. Go up to the surface of the rock and interact with it to place the SOS Beacon. Once you do this, the mission will be complete, and you can move forward in Chapter 7. 

planting SOS beacon Dead Space Remake

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