Dead Space Remake: How to Inject Wheezers in Chapter 6

Confused about how to Inject Wheezers in Chapter 6 of the Dead Space Remake? We were stumped, too, at first — here’s how to do it. 

As you progress through Chapter 6 of the Dead Space Remake, you’ll eventually be tasked with injecting Wheezers on the map from the RIG. To do this, players must use their Locator and defeat the Necropmorphs they encounter. 

How to Inject Wheezers in Chapter 6

To Inject Wheezers, use your Locator to track them down, then walk up to them and interact with them to inject them. Injecting them will cause the Wheezer to perish, and you’ll clear the infestation. 

injecting wheezers dead space remake

How to Inject Wheezer 06

Perhaps the most confusing portion of this mission is Wheezer 06. To inject Wheezer 06, you need to obtain the Deck Systems Keycard from Seedling Room B — which can be accessed by using your Kinesis to replace the battery on the door. Walk up to the circuit breaker on the other end of the hallway and interact with it (Enter on keyboard). Hit Enter again to turn off the gravity. 

How to Inject Wheezer 06 in Dead Space Remake

From here, you can enter zero gravity and float up to where Wheezer 06 is located. Luckily, there’s nothing special you have to do from here. Walk up to it, and interact with it to inject the Wheezer. 

For Wheezer 07, you’ll need to use your Stasis skill to stop the electricity from killing you to inject 07 — you should also be wary of the powerful monsters that spawn in this area. 

Did this mission give you issues? Did the Necropmorphs kick you while you were down? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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