Dead Space Remake: How to Dispose of the Warhead in Chapter 9

If you keep failing the mission objective to Dispose of the Warhead in Chapter 9 of the new Dead Space Remake, the solution will probably make you chuckle. 

In the new Dead Space Remake, there are some puzzles that anyone would have trouble with, and others are simple but can come off as confusing. If you keep failing the objective in the Warhead room of Chapter 9 or can’t find the battery to power the Warhead Control panel, then we’ve got your solution with our walkthrough. 

How to Dispose of the Warhead in Chapter 9

Use your Locator to head through the hallways to the Briefing Room in the Lower Deck, where there will be an enemy you’ll need to take out. There is an easy battery puzzle you can complete by using Kinesis on the battery to the right of the entrance to the Briefing room that will enable the cargo lift. Once you make it to the Warhead room, do not shoot the glowing sack on the Necromorph, or it will detonate the Warhead, and you’ll fail the mission.  

How to Dispose of the Warhead in Chapter 9 in Dead Space Remake

Once you take out the enemy safely, walk to the back right of the room to locate the battery you can use to power the Warhead Control panel. There’s a Necromorph back there, so make sure you’re careful. Once inserted, the Warhead Control panel will turn on. Walk up to it and interact with it, and you’ll have completed the objective. 

Battery For Warhead Control Panel

Most people likely fail in this part because they explode the yellow sack on the monster’s arm. If we’re being honest, we botched this one the first time around too. 

What part of the mission did you get stuck on? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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