Dead Space Remake: How to Re-Position the Marker in Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 of the Dead Space Remake isn’t easy, and one spot you may get stuck is on the objective to re-position the marker. This guide will walk you through it. 

The Dead Space Remake is filled with puzzles that can stump even players who experienced the original game. One of these missions comes in Chapter 11 when you need to Re-Position the Marker — which entails turning on the Cargo Rail Tracks. Keep reading for a full walkthrough.

How to Re-Position the Marker in Chapter 11

Use your Locator to travel to the Main Hangar Bay, where there will be a console. Interact with it to initiate zero gravity and travel down to the ground floor to activate the Loader. A battery will be in the back left corner of the same room, which you should grab using your Kenisis. 

Dead Space Remake: Battery in Chapter 11

Turn around and head left until you reach a red battery port and insert the battery. Interact with the Circuit Breaker to route power to the console that controls the Cargo Rail Tracks above you. 

Dead Space Remake: Circuit Breaker

Use your jetpack to ascend, and activate the console on the platform above you to Activate the Tracks, which will re-position the marker. Follow the marker and activate the remaining two consoles to complete the mission. There will be Necromorphs along the way, which you’ll also need to take out to advance through the mission.

Dead Space Remake: Console to Activate Tracks

Did this quest stump you at first? Did you get stuck on the battery part as we did? Let us know your struggle in the comments section below. 

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