Dead Space Remake: How to Unlock the Wishbone Trophy

Completionists love the Dead Space Remake, with a plethora of different challenges players need to complete to get their PlayStation trophies — one of these is the Wishbone Trophy, and it’s a rather obtuse one. However, there is an easy way to unlock it. 

If you’re trying to obtain all the Trophies in the new Dead Space Remake, one Trophy may have you stumped. It’s titled, Wishbone, and the text reads: “Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis.” However — if you’ve tried this to no avail, we’ve got an alternative method you can use to accomplish the task. 

How to Unlock the Wishbone Trophy

To unlock the Wishbone trophy, players can either weaken a limb of a Necromorph with a weapon, then use Kensis to rip off the limb or use their Kenisis ability on a limb of a hanging suit to complete the mission. In Chapter 2, players can find Engineering Suits in the Main Lab Changing Room to complete this task. 

Using Kenisis on a suit is safer than trying to do it while in combat. If you don’t finish the task in Chapter 2, you can replicate it on any suit in the game.

Did this Trophy mission have you stumped at first? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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