Destiny 2: All Action Figure Locations and Guide

In Destiny 2, players must collect Action Figures to complete the They’re Not Dolls Triumph. Here’s where you can find them. 

If you want to attain the Virtual Fighter Lightfall Title, you’ll need to complete the Triumph; They’re Not Dolls. There are 9 total trophies as part of this Triumph, and new ones will unlock each week. We’ll keep this post updated, so you know exactly where to get them. 

All Action Figure Locations in Destiny 2: Lightfall

The Action figures can be found across Neomuna and are typically locked behind a puzzle or stashed away in a hidden location. Each trophy will reward players with 150+ Neouma Rank.

Ahimsa Park Action Figure Location

In the first week of the event, there are 2 Action Figures available, and one can be found in Ahimsa Park. To get to the first figure, players will need to travel to Ahimsa Park and enter the large dome facility. The Action Figure is located in the back of a small cave under the staircase.

Destiny 2: Ahimsa Park Action Figure Map Location

It will be the staircase under the large spraypainted symbol.

Irkalla Complex Action Figure Location

The Irkalla Complex is located in ESI Terminal, the abandoned subway station, and is much harder to get than the Ahimsa trophy. To start, players will need to complete the Lightfall campaign to get the trophy. 

Destiny 2: Irkalla Complex Action Figure Map Location

Make your way through the complex and follow the hallways to the left until you reach a giant blue eye. 

Irkalla Complex Action Figure Hallway Location

Continue through the doorway, then head right and jump down the balconies. On the pink balcony, you’ll find a Darkness Portal. Go through it. 

Irkalla Complex Action Figure Darkness Portal

From here, make your way left and jump up the different platforms and make your way up to the large artillery guns. Once here, stand on the end of each gun barrel and aim in the direction the gun is pointing for 3-5 seconds. A Darkness Node will spawn, which you’ll have to shoot. 

Irkalla Complex Action Figure Darkness Node

Do this with all three turrets, and the action figure will appear at the end of the last gun. 

Zephyr Concourse Action Figure Location

In the second week of the event, there are two action pictures. To get the Zephyr Concourse Action Figure, players must walk up to the bar and interact with the console to activate the in-game event, then repel the attackers.

Zephyr Concourse Action Figure Map Location

Once the event is started, they’ll need to destroy the enemies that spawn until the event is over, and the action figure will spawn behind the bar on the shelves.

Zephyr Concourse Action Figure

Maya’s Retreat Action Figure Location

The Maya’s Retreat Action Figure mission gives players a clue, “Three Caves; three flames.” To get the Maya’s Retreat Action Figures, players will need to light the three braziers within the caves. Players will want to start at Liming Harbor and then make their way through the cave system. Players should hug the right until they make their way up to the main cave entrance. From here, the first brazier will be on the left side, close to the cave entrance.

Make your way out of the cave entrance, take an immediate right, then go to the floor below the first floor of the main cave to find the second brazier.

Maya's Retreat Action Figure 2 Location

Continue back out the cave you just came into, and the third brazier will be located far away to your right. You’ll need to jump pretty far in order to access it.

Maya's Retreat Action Figure 3 Location

The Maya’s Retreat Action Figure will be located under the third and final brazier.

Maya's Retreat Action Figure

When more trophies become available, we’ll update this post. 

ESI Terminal Action Figure Location

Spawn in at the Zephyr Concourse again. Make your way down into the ESI Terminal and bypass the enemies you encounter. You’ll reach the big blue eye that you passed for the Irkalla Complex Action Figure, but instead of going left, go right, then immediately left into the bar and kitchen area. Activate the sink; then the Bloons will spawn on your map. Navigate to each of the Bloons, then drop them back off at the sink. When you drop off the last Bloon, the ESI Terminal Action Figure will spawn in the sink.

Liming Harbor Action Figure Location

The Liming Harbor Action Figure can be gained by defending the desk in Liming Harbor, Neomuna. Use the waypoint, then make your way down and to the left to the underground portion of the structure. Interact with the desk, then defend it against the Shadow Legion waves. Once the last wave is dead, the Action Figure will spawn right on the console on the desk.

What to Do With Action Figures

To complete the Triumph, players must place the action figures in their apartment next to the Nimbus fast travel point. Drop down to your right and enter your apartment. Trophies can be placed in designated areas on desks or shelves. 

This mission is certainly not straightforward, so we understand if you were scratching your head initially. 

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