Devolver Digital Announces Acquisition of doinksoft

Devolver Digital, the popular and sometimes irreverent gaming publisher, announced their acquisition of doinksoft, an Oregon-based development company known for the popular indie title Gato Roboto

Today, publishers of popular games Hotline MiamiCult of the Lamb, and Enter the Gungeon announced their acquisition of Oregon-based indie development company doinksoft via Twitter

“Today is a historic moment. We are excited to announce that the world-renowned franchises and talented people at @doinksoft will be joining Team Devolver!”

As in typical Devolver fashion, not many details have been officially shared, but we can say that the doinksoft seems like the perfect match for the publisher. 

Who is doinksoft?

doinksoft is an independent video game developer based in Oregon. The company is known for creating whimsical and charming games with pixel art graphics. 

doinksoft’s most well-known game is probably Gato Roboto, a Metroidvania-style game where players control a cat in a mecha suit exploring a mysterious alien planet. The game received critical acclaim for its tight controls, clever level design, and charming visuals. 

Other notable games from doinksoft include the upcoming Gunbrella, an action-packed 2D sidescroller currently listed on Steam

Who is Devolver Digital?

Devolver Digital is an independent video game publisher and developer known for publishing and developing various unique, innovative, and often quirky games. Founded in 2009, the publisher has released numerous successful titles, such as Hotline MiamiEnter the Gungeon, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Devolver Digital is also known for its satirical and irreverent marketing campaigns and its support for independent game developers. 

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