Diablo 4: A Price to Pay Guide

A Price to Pay is a sidequest in Diablo IV that players receive after completing The Heretic quest. If you’ve been struggling with finding the book required to finish the quest, this guide will help you. 

Like some other sidequests in Diablo IV, A Price to Pay requires players to search for items in a vicinity rather than giving an exact quest marker on where to go next. Some parts of the quest, specifically the portion that asks you to find a book, might be confusing. Here’s how to complete A Price to Pay sidequest in Diablo IV. 

A Price to Pay Guide

Players can find A Price to Pay sidequest in Zarbinzet in the Umir Plateau in Hawezar after completing The Heretic sidequest. After speaking with Vera and Suzana in town, they’ll be asked to “Search homes for the book of folk remedies.” The book can be found in the small house next to the Blacksmith on a side table. 

A price to pay book location Diablo IV

Interact with the book titled Wejinhani Dispensatory; then, you’ll be given the next part of the quest to travel to Blind Burrows, which will be marked on the map. Once you speak to Aneta, enter the Dungeon to collect spider venom. If this is your first time clearing the Dungeon, you can also complete the additional objectives for the Dungeon reward. 

Once you exit the dungeon, you’ll have to kill a few enemies and pick up Aneta’s Keepsake, a quest item for the next portion of the quest, Poisoned Hearts. 

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