Diablo 4 Beta Reveals Major Problem with New Mechanic

When you level up, you're supposed to feel stronger.

The last Diablo 4 Open Beta period is coming to an end, and with it, there are some mixed reactions among the Diablo community on whether the game has lived up to the hype. Whether you’re an everyday ARPG player or a large Diablo streamer like Asmongold, reviews for the game have been largely mixed, with some touting the new gameplay, dark aesthetic, and epic storyline, while others have remained unconvinced that enough has changed from previous entries. 

However, a concept known as level scaling is one thing that some players are unhappy about. Level scaling is a mechanic that scales monster damage as you level. This opens the door for more variety, as players don’t have to follow a linear path based on monster level throughout the story. It also enables players to enjoy Diablo IV with their friends, as playing in a group isn’t as dependent on character level, making it possible for gamers with disparate character levels to play together and still face a challenge. 

On the other hand, at times, level scaling also has the unique effect of making you feel weaker as you level up. This is a departure from most other Diablo games when going into a lower-level area, as a higher-level decked-out character would enable you to melt everything around you like some demigod. 

It’s Just a Beta

While level scaling in the lower-end levels of Diablo 4 might feel like a drag, it’s important to remember that during the Open Beta, players were restricted to a level 25 cap — which locked most of the game’s content behind a wall. As level 50 is the max level before players start leveling their Paragon level, it means players didn’t even gain access to everything on their skill tree.

Level 25 Druid in Diablo IV Beta
Level 25 Druid in Diablo IV Beta

The last cluster of skills, which includes crucial passives for many classes, isn’t even accessible at level 25. So, while it may feel somewhat strange to melt monsters at level 10, then struggle with those same monsters at level 25, it doesn’t tell the whole picture. 

In addition to all of this, level scaling has its benefits, too. Other than the aforementioned, being able to play with friends who are levels apart, level scaling gives longevity to other areas of the game as you level up. In games where regions are linear in nature, it reduces the playable content for the endgame significantly. Level scaling enables all parts of the game to still be a challenge regardless of the player’s current level. 

Players will have to see whether the new level scaling mechanic in Diablo 4 is actually a good thing when the game releases later this summer, but it may be wise to hold the criticisms they have for the beta until they can play the full game.  

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