Diablo 4: How to Imprint Aspects

If that piece of Legendary Gear in Diablo 4 doesn’t have the buff you need, you can use the Imprint Aspect mechanic to customize your gear exactly as you need it. 

In the ARPG Diablo 4, maximizing your power potential is the name of the game. One way to boost your stats is by imprinting Aspects or special buffs provided by Legendary Items or by the Codex of Power to your worn gear. If you’re a bit baffled by the mechanics, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll show you how to extract and imprint Aspects on your gear in Diablo 4.

How to Imprint Aspects on Items in Diablo 4

To imprint Aspects onto your gear, talk to the Occultist in town. To enhance your item, place it in the Item slot, then click Codex of Power to select a buff from your codex or drag an Aspect from the Aspect tab in your Inventory into the Aspect slot. Once you’ve made your decision, click Imprint Aspect to apply it to your item. Applying an Aspect requires gold and Veiled Crystals. 

How to Imprint an Aspect in Diablo 4

Players can apply the Codex of Power buffs they’ve acquired from completing dungeons or extract Legendary Aspects from Legendary gear and imprint them on worn gear. Aspects are broken down by category and can only be applied to certain pieces of gear, which will be displayed in the tooltip when you hover over the Aspect. Veiled Crystals are obtained by Disenchanting Rare gear.

Here are the Aspect categories in Diablo 4:

  • Defensive: Chest, Helm, Pants, Amulet (50% Effectiveness)
  • Mobility: Boots, Amulet (50% Effectiveness)
  • Offensive: Gloves, Ring, Weapons, Amulet (50% Effectiveness)
  • Resource: Helm, Ring, Amulet (50% Effectiveness)
  • Utility: Boosts, Chest, Gloves, Helm, Amulet (50% EFfectiveness)

How to Extract Aspect from Gear

To get more Aspects in your Inventory, you’ll need to extract them from existing pieces of gear. To extract an Aspect from a Legendary item, click the Extract Aspect tab at the Occultist, then drag a piece of gear into the Legendary Item To be destroyed slot. Hover over Aspect Preview to see which Aspect will be extracted, and click Extract Aspect to complete the process. 

How to Extract an Aspect in Diablo 4

The Occultist will destroy the gear and produce an Aspect for you that you can use to Imprint on whatever compatible piece of equipment the player is wearing. Just as Imprinting Aspects cost gold, so does Extracting, making the entire process costly. 

Players can hover over pieces of gear to see the weapon attributes. If they are grayed out — it means they have overlapping buffs that don’t stack, so you should try to get a unique Aspect on each piece of gear. 

Ultimately, if you want to min/max your character in Diablo 4, you’ll need to use the Aspect mechanics. Otherwise, you’re leaving powerful buffs and skill synergies on the table. Using Aspects properly can exponentially increase your power. 

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