Diablo 4: The Heretic Quest Guide

Here's our quest guide for "The Heretic" in Diablo 4, including where to find the three flowers for Aneta in Hawezar.

Players will need to complete many side quests within Diablo 4 to gain renown in any of the five regions. Most of these quests are straightforward, requiring players to collect items, speak to different NPCs, and venture and explore specific territories. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Diablo 4 “The Heretic” quest and the step to help Aneta gather flowers.

The Heretic quest begins in Zarbinzet, the main city in Hawezar. Speak with Vass in Zarbinzet to begin the questline. First, You must visit some abandoned ruins and defeat a few monsters before speaking with a frightened girl. At this point, Aneta will ask you to help her collect some flowers, and this is where things get confusing.

Help Aneta Gather Flowers Locations in Diablo 4

Aneta asks you to help her gather three flowers. You will need to collect a Singed Plant, Dying Plant, and Withered Plant before escorting Aneta back to Zarbinzet. Here are the three flower locations:

  • Withered Plant – Located on the west side of the marked area
  • Singed Plant – Located on the north side of the marked area
  • Dying Plant – Located in the center of the marked area
Help Aneta Gather Flowers Locations in Diablo 4

After collecting all three flowers, players will need to escort Aneta back to Zarbinzet. Head to the new marker in Zarbinzet and speak with Aneta to proceed to the next step. The next step is to locate Aneta.

Where to Find Aneta in Diablo 4

Aneta is located just southeast of Zarbinzet, in The Forgotten Cave in The Fallow Tillage. 

After locating Aneta, you will need to save Aneta from the villagers and defeat all of the nearby enemies that spawn. Speak with Aneta to finish the quest line and start the next quest, “A Price to Pay.”

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