Diablo 4: Wayward Quest Guide

In Diablo 4, players must complete a quest called Wayward, which requires them to Search for Neyrelle. If you can’t find her — you’re probably not looking in the right place. 

Most quests in the Diablo IV beta playtest are pretty straightforward but Wayward: Search for Neyrelle is not one of those quests. If you’ve looked high and low but can’t find them, this guide will help you. 

Wayward Quest Guide

The Wayward quest asks players to search for Neyrelle in the Minstral Woods. However, the path to finding her isn’t totally clear. Here’s what players need to do to continue with the campaign.

Search For Neyrelle

The first thing that the Wayward quests ask the player is to Search for Neyrele in the Mistral Woods to the west of the town of Yelesna. To find Neyrelle, interact with the Three-Faced Statue in northern Mistral Woods. After interacting with the statue, a portal will open for the next portion of the quest. 

Three-faced statue Diablo 4

The area will have a gold circle showcasing where you may discover Neyrelle. 

Shroud of the Horadrim: Continue with the Bloodied Wolf

Once entering the portal, the next part of the quest is easy. Look for a red portal with a wolf sitting next to it. Talk to the wolf and enter the portal to move onto the next part of the quest. You may have to do some exploring before you find the portal.

Bloodied Wolf Diablo 4

Continue following the wolf until you reach another red portal. Enter the portal to start the next portion of the quest. Once you go through, you’ll finally find Neyrelle, who will explain that you must find the Horadric Vault. You’ll enter a field with Wraiths that you can dispatch pretty easily if you’re at the proper level. 

Once you defeat them, the three-faced statue will show up again, which you can enter to start the next part of the campaign. 

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