Diablo Immortal: Barbarian Builds (April 2024)

Here's a look at one of the best Barbarian builds in Diablo Immortal.

Are you looking to climb the Challenge Rift leaderboards with your Barbarian in Diablo Immortal? Well, if you want to push your character as far as it can go, you might be looking for the best Barbarian build in Diablo Immortal. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what the top barbarians in the world are running in terms of skills, items, gems, and more.

Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build: Challenge Rift and PvE Build

The build below is optimized for PvE content, including Challenge Rifts, Dungeons, and Raids. Of course, skills may change depending on whether you want to optimize for solo rifts or group dungeons, raids, and rifting. The primary difference between PvE and PvP builds will lie in a few core items and skills. Overall, the best gems and stat priorities remain the same. Whirlwind is your main damage dealer, skills like Leap and Ground Stump help maneuverability and crowd control, and Frenzy and WotB for buffs.

Update: Build guide was updated on July 2, 2022, to reflect the top Challenge Rift build.


  • Frenzy – good single target damage and attack speed increase
  • Whirlwind – primary damage skill
  • Wrath of the Berserker – movement speed and Critical Hit Chance buff
  • Leap – Lead to a location, dealing damage and slowing enemies.
  • Ground Stomp – Stuns nearby enemies and deals damage.

Note that if you are in a party running duo, trios, or quad challenge rifts, you may want to run Demoralize, Hammer of the Ancients, Lacerate, and Undying Rage over the skills listed above (keep Whirlwind).


The best Legendary items for Barbarians in Diablo Immortal are:

  • Helm: Lasting Hate – Wrath of the Berserker duration increases 30%.
  • Shoulders: Shocking Chaos – Leap is now electrifies, stunning all enemies where you land.
  • Weapon: Eager Maelstrom – Whirlwind radius increased, but Whirlwind movement speed decreased.
  • Off-Hand: Broken Soul – Wrath of the Berserker now increases Critical Hit Chance instead of Attack Speed.
  • Chest: The Gathering – Whirlwind pulls in all enemies it damages.
  • Legs: Rock Spike – Ground Stomp now affects all nearby enemies.
  • Sets: Grace of the Flagellant – Boosts continual damage output.


1-Star & 2-Star

The best 1-Star and 2-Star Legendary Gems for Barbarians are:

  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Chained Death
  • Everlasting Torment
  • Fervant Fang
  • Lightning Core
  • Trickshot Gem


The best 5-Star Legendary Gems for Barbarians are:

  • Blood-Soaked Jade – increases damage output and movement speed.
  • Seeping Bile – gives attacks a chance to poison enemies, spreading and slowing their movement speed.
  • Chip of Stone Flesh – curses enemies who lose control, causing them to take increased damage and explode.
  • Phoenix Ashes – prevents fatal damage and creates a shield to absorb damage.
  • Zwenson’s Haunting – spawns a dark beast to attack nearby enemies after defeating an enemy.
  • Blessing of the Worthy – gives you a chance to unleash damage in retaliation after being attacked.
  • Optional: Bottled Hope – Using a skill to buff increases damage done and movement speed.

Regular Gems

  • Tourmaline – Gives increased flat damage.
  • Sapphire – Gives armor penetration.
  • Topaz – Gives resistance.


The attribute priority for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal is:

  1. Strength – +1 CR and 0.3 Damage
  2. Fortitude – +1 CR, +0.1 Armor, and +0.1 Armor Penetration
  3. Vitality – +1 CR and +3 Life
  4. Willpower – +1 CR, +0.1 Potency, and +0.1 Resistance


The best attributes to try and roll for on items are:

  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Cooldown Reduction

The best attributes to focus on for gear, aside from Strength and basic stats, are Critical Hit and Damage, and Movement Speed. Other good options are Cooldown Reductions and an increase to all damage. 

As a bonus, the Vengeance Stone Family Bonus is your best bet, as it is good for single target damage, which is needed to push high-level Challenge Rifts.


The best Paragon tree to focus on for this Diablo Immortal Barbarian build is Vanquisher, as it boosts damage, attack speed, and other minor stats like life, armor penetration, and critical hits. The same thing can be said for any class, particularly in PvE content. 

Branch off into Treasure Hunter around level 50 and maxing out the damage node in the middle. For more PvP-oriented players, you may want to look more into Gladiator.

Diablo Immortal is free-to-play and available on Google Play, the App Store, and Battle.net.