Diablo Immortal Patch Notes (October 26)

October's second minor content update brings character transfers, server merges, the season six battle pass, and new legendary items.

We’re nearing the end of October, and it’s been two weeks since the last minor content update for Diablo Immortal. The long-anticipated character transfer feature is finally here, as well as 36 new Legendary items and the season six battle pass. Low-pop servers will also see some merges happening in the next two weeks. Here’s a rundown of the Diablo Immortal patch notes for October 26.

Diablo Immortal Patch Notes (October 26)

Here’s what’s new in the Diablo Immortal patch notes for October 26:

  • Character Transfers
  • 36 Legendary Items
  • Season 6 Battle Pass
  • Hungering Moon LTE
  • Boon of the Progenitors Bundle
  • Bug Fixes and Features Updates

Character Transfers

A highly requested community feature, server transfers are finally here. Announced by Blizzard, players can transfer to eligible servers with one free character transfer with no expiration. The first one’s on Blizzard, and subsequent transfers are $15 each.

Players can only transfer each character every 30 days before transferring to another server. If your character name exists on the new server, you’ll be assigned a random number to your name along with a free name change. All items and cosmetics are retained, but any tradeable items will be soul bound.

Diablo Immortal Patch Notes (October 26) Character Transfers
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Season 6 Battle Pass

The Season 6 Battle Pass, “Below the Sands,” kicks off on October 27 at 3 a.m. server time. As always, optional upgrades to The Empowered Battle Pass and Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass are available.

The Empowered Battle Pass includes all rank rewards from the free track, as well as the Below the Sands Weapon cosmetic at rank one, and the Below the Sands Armor cosmetics at rank 40. The Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass gives access to all rank rewards from the Empowered BP, plus the Below the Sands Avatar Frame, Portal, and ten ranks.

The Diablo Immortal Season 6 Battle Pass runs from October 27 to November 24 at 3 a.m. server time.

Diablo Immortal Patch Notes (October 26) Season 6 Battle Pass Below the Sands
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

36 Legendary Items

Perhaps the most exciting part of the patch is a plethora of new Legendary items. Here are the new Legendary items in Diablo Immortal starting on October 26:


  • Ancestors’ Stele (Head): Undying Rage duration increased by X seconds.
  • Drop by Drop (Shoulders): Cleave’s Bleed effect now spreads to two nearby enemies when it expires.
  • Flattener (Legs): Leap maximum charges increased by X.
  • Lumber-Cords (Chest): Furious Charge now decreases all damage you take by 5% for X seconds for each enemy it hits, stacking up to Y times.
  • Oncoming Brutality (Off-Hand): Frenzy increases damage you deal to that enemy by W% for X seconds, stacking up to Y * Z% increase.
  • Pathraze (Main Hand): Whirlwind now causes you to spin and charge forward, dealing X damage to all enemies along your path. Whirlwind cooldown becomes Y seconds and Whirlwind now has a maximum of Z charges.

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  • Cleansweep (Main Hand): Sweep Attack now also causes enemies to Bleed.
  • Helm of Abrasion (Head): Shield Charge deals X% damage to shielded enemies.
  • Objurgation (Shoulders): Judgment now follows you calling down blasts of holy light from the heavens that target random nearby enemies, dealing damage and Slowing them.
  • Peer of Sturbend (Off-Hand): Enemies defeated within your Holy Banner extends the remaining duration by X seconds, up to a maximum of Y seconds.
  • Trompdown (Legs): Shield Charge now rushes to a targeted enemy Stunning them and knocking back nearby enemies.
  • Vainglory’s Star (Chest): Enemies struck by Judgment are now found wanting, increasing all damage taken by X% for Y seconds.

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Demon Hunter

  • Causticity (Chest): Rain of Vengeance now also corrodes enemy armor, increasing damage taken by 2% for Y seconds, stacking up to five times.
  • Decoy’s Guide (Head): Increases Escape maximum charges by X.
  • Hobbling Deck (Main Hand): Strafe now also litters the ground behind you with caltrops, continually dealing X damage and slowing enemy Movement Speed by Y%.
  • Live Bait (Shoulders): Escape now causes you to tumble forward and can be activated again for a short time to return to your original location.
  • One’s Own Fusillade (Off-Hand): Sentry attacks mark enemies, increasing the damage you deal to the target by X% for Y seconds.
  • Secret Safeguard (Legs): Escape now also grants a shield absorbing X damage for Y seconds.

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  • Ascending Raincloud (Shoulders): After using Mystic Strike, your Evasion Rating increases by X% for Y seconds.
  • Consuming Trappings (Chest): Flying Dragon now causes you to dash forward, knocking back all enemies along your path and stunning them.
  • Leering Riptide (Off-Hand): Wave Strike now sends a shockwave into the ground that knocks nearby enemies up into the air, damaging and Stunning them.
  • Peerless Conductor (Main Hand): The third strike of Deadly Reach now knocks enemies up into the air.
  • The Traveling Scold (Legs): Mystic Strike now causes you to charge to a targeted location, knocking up and damaging all nearby enemies.
  • Unsightly Method (Head): Inner Sanctuary now inflicts a stacking Slow on enemies in the area until they are Petrified.

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  • Ebb and Leak (Head): Grim Scythe deals X% increased damage for every 1% of the target’s missing Life, up to a maximum of Y%.
  • Pitiless Pace (Legs): Wraith Form now teleports you to a target location.
  • Revenant Wind (Main Hand): Wraith Form now calls forth spirits to haunt up to W nearby enemies, dealing X damage over Y seconds, while reducing their Movement Speed by Z%.
  • Scurrying Ruin (Shoulders): Bone Wall now causes you to dash forward, dealing damage to enemies in your path, while conjuring walls of bone behind you.
  • Twin Vestige (Off-Hand): Skeletal Mages now have a chance to be empowered, immediately casting a Bone Spell when summoned.
  • Voiceless Scream (Shoulders): Enemies afflicted with Dark Curse now generate an additional corpse when defeated.

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  • Blaster Cast (Off-Hand): Magic Missile fires two additional missiles each dealing X damage.
  • Blazing Brunt (Chest): Lightning Nova now creates two novae that orbit you and damage any nearby enemies they hit.
  • Impact Event (Legs): Meteor now continuously calls down smaller meteors that damage enemies in the area.
  • The Loom (Head): Slow Time now generates a darkened realm, disabling the use of skills and basic attacks and greatly reducing the vision of any enemies inside the realm.
  • The Perfect Situation (Shoulders): After casting Teleport, your Movement Speed is increased by X%.
  • Scourcut (Main Hand): Disintegrate range increased by X%.

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Hungering Moon: Back for Seconds

Once again, the Hungering Moon makes a return on November 3 for four days. Players can complete three tasks a day to get Astrolabe Power, which can be used to draw one of two blessing types with unique powers.

Blessing of Magic increases Magic Find, while Blessing of Might grants Moonslivers. Moonslivers can be traded for lunar-laced rewards, including Telluric Pearls, at the event shop. 

Boon of the Progenitors Bundle

A limited-time bundle makes its way to the shop, featuring 14 days’ worth of login rewards, plus The Abiding Curse and Frozen Heart Legendary Gems. Players will have 21 days from the time of purchase to claim all the daily login rewards. It seems like a similar setup to the Boon of the Plenty, for players who are familiar. The bundle can be purchased from October 26 to November 16.

Boon of the Progenitors Bundle
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Bug Fixes and Updates

Aside from that, Blizzard posted a list of fixes here for all platforms. Furthermore, feature updates include a Dungeon XP boost for all dungeons, Remnants now auto-looting, and a description re-work for the Blessing of the Worthy Legendary gem.

Diablo Immortal patch notes for the October 26 update via Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo Immortal blog post.

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