How to Gamble in Diablo Immortal

Learn how to gamble in Diablo Immortal so you can try your luck at rolling some random epic Legendary gear.

A favorite pastime for many Diablo fans is gambling away tons of gold coins on items at Gheed. It’s a legitimate way to try to farm specific items, but let’s face it, the real winners here are the NPCs hoovering up all your Gold. With the recent release of Diablo Immortal, players might be wondering if there’s a similar gambling mechanics seen in the previous titles. Here’s how to gamble in Diablo Immortal.

How to Gamble in Diablo Immortal

To Gamble in Diablo Immortal, you can visit the Rarities and Antiquities vendor by the name of Yakin in Westmarch. Speak with Yakin and select the Shop option. Yakin has four categories of items you can gamble on:

  1. Mystery Weapon
  2. Mystery Primary Armor
  3. Mystery Secondary Armor
  4. Mystery Jewelry
Rarities & Antiquities, Westmarch Location - Diablo Immortal
Rarities & Antiquities, Westmarch Location – Diablo Immortal

There’s a daily purchase limit of 25 per item, and the cost per item increases after you purchase 10 of a single item. The initial price per item is 12,165 Gold, and it then rises to 18,248 Gold. You probably shouldn’t buy more than 10 per day of a specific item unless you’re filthy rich.

Like previous Diablo games, the items you gamble in Diablo Immortal can be Magic, Rare, or Legendary. The Diablo community speculates that Legendary items have about a 2% chance to roll in Diablo Immortal, but we do not have an official confirmation on that number. The items you roll will also be equal to your current level, so it might be good to try your luck if you’re lacking in a specific item slot.

Gambling is one of the only things you can spend your Gold on in the game. And now you know how to gamble in Diablo Immortal. Try not to spend all your Gold in one gambling session!

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Diablo Immortal is available via Battle.netGoogle Play, and the App Store.