Where to Find Gloomguide’s Prize Set in Diablo Immortal

Everything you need to know about the new Gloomguide's Prize set in Diablo Immortal, including where to find it and what the set bonuses are.

Diablo Immortal’s Forgotten Nightmares patch is the first major post-launch content update, and with it comes a brand new dungeon and a new set. The new set is called Gloomguide’s Prize, and it has some interesting set bonuses, notably a three-second fear with the six-piece. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Gloomguide’s Prize set in Diablo Immortal.

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Where to Find Gloomguide’s Prize Set in Diablo Immortal

Gloomguide’s Prize drops in five different dungeons in Diablo Immortal, including Temple of Namari, Kikuras Rapids, Cavern of Echoes, Pit of Anguish, and Silent Monastery.

Here are all the set piece locations:

  • The Stifled Wail (Neck): Found in Temple of Namari on Hell 2+
  • Curling Shadow (Ring): Found in Kikuras Rapids on Hell 4+
  • Panicked Seconds (Ring): Found in Kikuras Rapids on Hell 4+
  • Rambler’s Nerve (Hands): Found in Cavern of Echoes on Hell 2+
  • Chattertooth (Waist): Found in Pit of Anguish on Hell 1+
  • Unseen Stride (Feet): Found in Silent Monastery on Hell 1+

What are the Gloomguide’s Prize Set Bonuses?

The Gloomguide’s Prize set bonuses improve damage and critical hit chance after using dash skills.

Here are the two, four, and six-piece set bonuses for Gloomguide’s prize:

  • 2-piece bonus: Increases your damage by 15% for 3 seconds after using a Dash skill.
  • 4-piece bonus: Increases your Critical Hit Chance by 22.5% for 3 seconds after using a Dash skill.
  • 6-piece bonus: Unleashes a wave of terror when your Dash skill ends, dealing 2625 damage and causing nearby enemies to flee in Fear for 3 seconds. The wave of terror will only trigger when enemies are nearby but cannot occur more than once every 40 seconds.

What are Dash Skills in Diablo Immortal?

Dash skills are essentially mobility skills in Diablo Immortal, and Dash is the name of the skill category.

Here is a full list of Dash skills in Diablo Immortal:

  • Furious Charge (Barbarian)
  • Leap (Barbarian)
  • Falling Sword (Crusader)
  • Shield Charge (Crusader)
  • Daring Swing (Demon Hunter)
  • Escape (Demon Hunter)
  • Flying Kick (Monk)
  • Flying Dragon (Monk)
  • Mystic Strike (Monk)
  • Teleport (Wizard)

The Necromancer is the only class without any Dash skills at the moment.

As for the Gloomguide’s Prize set bonus, the temporary damage and critical hit chance buff apply after using a Dash skill. See the list of Dash skills above if you’re unsure of what constitutes a “Dash” move.

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