Where is Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal?

Here's everything you need to know about where to find Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal so you can collect the Horadric Vessel from him.

If you’re collecting Horadric Vessels for your Legacy Shrine, there are a few that you might have some trouble finding. Specifically, the Vessel that comes from killing Lord Martanos. Unfortunately, there’s little information about where to find this boss. This guide will show you everything you need to know about the Lord Martanos location in Diablo Immortal.

There are 9 different Horadric Vessels to find in Diablo Immortal, and they are all obtained by killing different world bosses. The guide below will show you how to obtain Cathan’s Piety in Diablo Immortal and where to find Lord Martanos.

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos Location

Lord Martanos is a boss that spawns at the Grave Altar in the Zakarum Graveyard zone of Mount Zavain. The altar takes time to charge up, and players in the zone receive the following message when it’s ready: “Matanos Altar is about to be activated: 3 seconds.” When the Grave Altar is ready, one player must interact with it to awaken Lord Martanos.

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos Map
Lord Martanos Location, Diablo Immortal

The boss fight is not too difficult, but Lord Martanos has a ton of health. You should be able to easily kill this world boss with about 5 to 10 players. It’s possible to solo, but it will take a long time, depending on your stats. You may want to advertise in zone chat or your faction chat for some assistance in order to make it easier.

Lord Martanos Boss Fight, Diablo Immortal
Lord Martanos Boss Fight, Diablo Immortal

Cathan’s Piety Location

Upon killing Lord Martanos, he has a chance to drop the Cathan’s Piety Horadric Vessel. Place Cathan’s Piety inside the Legacy of the Horadrim, and it’s a Vessel that grants +18 Armor per level. Obtain Beryl by opening tombs in Iben Fahd’s Sanctum to upgrade the Vessel.

There you have it–now you know the exact location for where and how Lord Martanos spawns in Diablo Immortal. Check our site’s Diablo Immortal Section for more related guides, and bookmark it for easy access.

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