How to Select Your Server in Diablo Immortal

Want to play with all your friends? You should select the same server. Here's how to select your server in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is the newest game from Blizzard Entertainment. Many of the missions in the MMOARPG require that you group with friends or find public parties to complete. For that reason, you’ll probably want to play on the same server as your friends. Luckily, it’s easy–here’s how to select your server in Diablo Immortal. 

How to Select Your Server in Diablo Immortal

Using the Server List Screen

The first thing you’ll want to do before selecting a server is talking to friends you’re potentially going to be playing with and decide on a server you all want to play on. To see the complete server list and select your server in Diablo Immortal, follow these steps. 

How to Select Your Server in Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal Server List
  1. Click the server above “Tap to Play.
  2. Select your Region on the left side. 
    1. Select the Region where you’ll be playing the game to get the best performance. 
  3. Select the server you want to play on. 

And there you go! Now you know how to select your server in Diablo immortal and can participate in RaidsRifts, and other special events with your friends. 

One great feature in Diablo Immortal is level scaling which enables you to play with your friends at all different levels, and it will be the same challenge for everyone at the party. 

What Server Should I Select in Diablo Immortal? 

Other than selecting the same server as friends, you’ll also want to choose a server based on your location and latency. Your latency will determine your lag or how responsive you are in-game. If you select a server in a different time zone than yours, then peak player times will be other, which might affect your PvP experience. 

What Servers are Available in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal has servers across five regions, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and East Asia. See our complete Diablo Immortal Server list

We hope you enjoyed this Diablo Immortal guide. For more guides, check out our Diablo Immortal Section.

Diablo Immortal is available via Battle.netGoogle Play, and the App Store.