Diablo Immortal: Vitaath the Shivering Death Joins Helliquary Raids

Vitaath the Shivering Death is the Tier 2 Helliquary Raid boss in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal players get a new Helliquary Raid this weekend, with Vitaath the Shivering Death unlocking as the tier 2 boss. Players with a Combat Rating of at least 2000 can safely battle this new boss with their Warband or non-Warband Raids. Of course, defeating the new boss also unlocks a new Helliquary item to seal. Here’s everything you need to know about Vitaath the Shivering Death in Diablo Immortal.

You will learn to fear the chill of death. 

Who is Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?

Vitaath the Shivering Death is the Tier 2 Helliquary boss in Diablo Immortal. Like Lassal the Flame-Spun, Vitaath has three difficulties: Combat Rating 2000, Combat Rating 2450, and Combat Rating 3465.

How to Fight Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?

To fight Vitaath in Diablo Immortal:

  • Go to the Demonic Portal in Westmarch.
  • Select Vitaath the Shivering Death.
  • Select Difficulty 1 (requires Combat Rating 2000).
  • Select Raid to find a public group.
Diablo Immortal Vitaath Helliquary Raid

Like Lassal, players get two sets of Scoria rewards, one for doing the Raid with a Warband and another for doing the Raid with a regular party.

Helliquary Rewards for Defeating Vitaath

Players who defeat Vitaath unlock the Frozen Wing of the Shivering Death, which is a Demonic Remains that grants the following attributes:

  • 30 Combat Rating
  • +20% Block Chance (Combat Rifts only)
Helliquary Rewards for Defeating Vitaath Diablo Immortal

The second stat is only active if Sealed in the main slot of your Helliquary, as always. It’s a nice piece for classes like Crusader.

Most hardcore Diablo Immortal players are sitting around 2000 Combat Rating, making this Raid a reasonably challenging boss. Vitaath is more difficult than Lassal and has more punishing mechanics. 

There are several ice area-of-effect abilities to avoid on the ground and Ice Constructs that spawn during the later phases. These constructs send out ice beams, so it might be wise to focus them down to cut down on things to avoid.

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