How Do Warbands Work in Diablo Immortal?

Learn how Warbands work in Diablo Immortal so you can participate in unique events, raids, and boss fights.

As an MMOARPG, Diablo Immortal puts a lot of emphasis on social interactions and grouping with other players. One unique feature of the game that reinforces this is the Warband system. It’s similar to a party but different than a clan and more or less encourages consistent players to band together to complete in-game tasks and events together. This guide will explain how Warbands work in Diablo Immortal and show you how to make or join one for yourself.

How to make a Warband in Diablo Immortal

To make a Warband in Diablo Immortal:

  • Launch Diablo Immortal and log in.
  • Tap on the three lines on the top right.
  • Tap on the Warband option.
  • Create a Warband or join a pre-existing one.

Follow the steps above to make your own Warband, or search through the active Warbands to find one that meets your criteria. Keep in mind the time of day your Warband usually plays, and what your goals are while playing the game.

How to make a Warband in Diablo Immortal

What are Warbands in Diablo Immortal?

  • Warbands are groups of eight players that play together regularly.
  • They are a great way to find players focused on specific areas of gameplay.
  • Players can browse all available Warbands and apply for ones that meet their interests.
  • Creating and leading a Warband allows you to choose who can join.

Simply put, Warbands encourage groups of eight players to group up and complete unique quests and events together. You might want to create a Warband with your close friends or use the in-game search to find other players who play Diablo Immortal at the same time of day as you. You can also choose Warbands that focus on different types of content, like Dungeons, PvP, etc.

Warband Chests and Storage Box

  • Warband members have a chance to receive Sealed Warband Chests while in a party together. 
  • The Warband Stewards can identify the contents of the Warband Chests as Legendary Items and Set Items stored in the Warband Stash.
  • Each Warband member can borrow one item from the Warband Stash.

Players in a Warband can find Sealed Warband Chests while doing dungeons in a party of four. The rewards are shared in the Warband stash and can be borrowed by members of the Warband.

Warband Posts

  • Posts allow you to specify your own interests without creating or leading a Warband. 
  • Warband leaders can browse all posts and invite players when they find a good match.

What is the benefit of a Warband?

Warbands have the following benefits:

  • Warband members have a 5% increased chance for items to drop from monsters while in a party together.
  • Warbands can challenge Helliquary bosses to earn ranking rewards.

In-game Warband Leaderboards grant players weekly rewards for fighting Helliquary bosses. You can get some epic rewards for completing these raids, like items that allow you to upgrade your Helliquary and more.

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