All Playable Classes in Diablo IV

These are all five playable classes in Diablo IV, and a brief overview of each class and its skills and playstyle.

Diablo IV is the fourth title in the Diablo series, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Gamers familiar with the series know there are seven classes in Diablo II, two of which made their way into the game in the Lord of Destruction expansion–the Assassin and the Druid. Diablo III has seven classes, adding two more in the Reaper of Souls expansion and Rise of the Necromancer DLC.

Seeing how Diablo II and III launched with five classes, it should be no surprise that Diablo IV has five playable classes. We assume two more classes will eventually make their way into the game, whether in a single expansion or multiple DLCs. With all five classes announced, below is a list of all playable classes in Diablo IV and what we know about each.

All Playable Classes in Diablo IV

The five playable classes in Diablo IV are:

  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Necromancer
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer


Barbarians are natural physical warriors capable of wielding and swapping between four different melee weapons. The Arsenal system allows players to assign weapons to specific skills for more dynamic gameplay and customization. Barbarians get a 30% damage reduction and excel in close combat battles, equipped with war cries for any situation and ground slams to stun and disorient foes.

Barbarian Skills in Diablo IV

  • Basic: Bash, Flay, Frenzy, Lunging Strike
  • Fury: Rend, Hammer of the Ancients, Double Swing, Upheaval, Whirlwind
  • Defensive: Rallying Cry, Ground Stomp, Undying Rage, Challenging Shout
  • Brawling: Kick, War Cry, Leap, Charge
  • Weapon Mastery: Primal Axe, Rupture, Death Blow
  • Ultimate: Wrath of the Berserker, Call of the Ancients, Iron Maelstrom


Druids are shapeshifters capable of seamlessly transforming between humans, Werebear, and Werewolf. They possess a strong command of earth, wind, and storm magic and can unleash nature’s wrath with skills like Cataclysm to decimate foes. Storm magic is persistent, allowing the Druid to unleash lightning, wind, and rain before shapeshifting.

Druid Skills in Diablo IV

  • Basic: Earthspike, Shred, Storm Strike, Maul, Wind Shear
  • Spirit: Pulverize, Landslide, Tornado
  • Defensive; Cyclone Armor, Earthen Bulwark, Trample, Debilitating Roar, Ravenous Bite
  • Wrath: Hurricane, Boulder
  • Companion: Wolves, Ravens, Vine Creeper
  • Ultimate: Cataclysm, Grizzly Rage, Petrify


Necromancers are summoners that can raise the dead and form armies of minions to overpower enemies. The Necromancer wields swords, daggers, wands, focuses, and shields, and they’re the only class that uses Scythes. Essence and Corpses are the Necromancer’s primary resources, allowing them to cast skills and summon minions. A unique Necromancer-specific class mechanic, the Book of the Dead, enables customization of your undead army. Choose from four high-level Necro playstyles–Bone, Darkness, Blood, and the Army.

Necromancer Skills in Diablo IV

  • Bone: Bone Spirit, Bone Prison
  • Darkness: Decompose, Blight
  • Blood: Blood Surge, Blood Mist


Rogues are methodical by nature and highly dexterous. They can alternate between using ranged and melee weapons. Stick an enemy with an arrow from afar, or stab them in the back with a dagger; the monsters won’t see a Rogue coming either way. Imbue weapons to gain an advantage in combat, and use shadow magic to confuse and obliterate enemies.


The Sorcerer is a master of the magic elements, capable of hurling lightning, throwing spikes of ice, and raining down fire from the skies. Weave Fire, Cold, and Lightning spells to control and destroy enemies on the battlefield. A new mechanic to Diablo IV called Chilling shatters enemies when they take enough Cold damage.

Sorceress Skills in Diablo IV

  • Minor Destruction: Lightning, Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Arc Lash
  • Major Destruction: Charged Bolts, Fireball, Ice Shards, Incinerate, Chain Lightning, Frozen Orb
  • Defensive: Flame Shield, Ice Armor, Blizzard, Teleport
  • Conjuration: Frost Nova, Lightning Spear, Ice Blades, Hydra
  • Mastery: Firewall, Nova, Meteor, Ball Lightning
  • Ultimate: Deep Freeze, Inferno, Conduit

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