Disco Elysium Development Team Undergoing Transition

Development team ZA/UM is undergoing major changes

It has been revealed by Martin Luiga, a founding member of the ZA/UM, that three key members of the development team of Disco Elysium had left “involuntarily.” In a blog post published on Medium titled “The Dissolution of the ZA/UM Cultural Association,” Luiga mentioned that Art Lead Aleksander Rostov, lead writer Robert Kurtwiz, and writer Helen Hindpere had left the company at the end of last year.

Changes Were Made to the Disco Elysium Team

After revealing that the team had left involuntarily, Luiga explained the reasoning for the decision to dissolve the ZA/UM cultural team. Luiga explained,

“The reason for dissolving the cultural organization is that it no longer represents the ethos it was founded on. People and ideas are meant to be eternal; organizations may well be temporary.” 

Luiga then continued to explain his reasoning for the decision before signing off with “Martin Luiga, Tallinn Inpatient Treatment Centre of Psychiatry Clinic, Ward IX.”

Disco Elysium Will Still Be Receiving a Sequel, It Seems

Luiga continued to say that this would “seem like bad news for the loving fans that are waiting for the Disco sequel.” This remark made some fans of the series lament the situation and took to Twitter to ask Luiga how this would affect the sequel. However, Luiga states, “Nah I think that things with the sequel are actually sweet enough, you might even get it the way it was meant.”

While the news may shock fans of Disco Elysium, it is reassuring to hear that the sequel is still in the works, even with the loss of key members of the dev team. Disco Elysium 2 is speculated to be released sometime in 2023.

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