Dragon Ball: The Breakers Release Date, Trailer, and Details

Assemble the Dragon Balls and face the series’ toughest foes for the Dragon Ball: The Breakers release date

Asymmetric Multiplayer games are tough to do well. EvolveFriday the 13th, and others tried and struggled as devs pursued this exciting player dynamic limited by few available offerings. Even Behavior Interactive of the still-running Dead By Daylight was forced to shelve their follow-up entry, Deathgarden: Bloodharvest, by the tail end of 2019 after it failed to live up to its predecessor. Now, Bandai Namco is making its attempt with Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Get the details for Dragon Ball: The Breakers release date and trailer below.

When will Dragon Ball: The Breakers be released?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will release on October 14, 2022, on PS4Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S , Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. We’ll keep you updated if Dragon Ball: The Breakers release date changes.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trailer 

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetric multiplayer game about evasion, confrontation, and escape. The premise is that 7 civilians are pitted against 1 powerful raider inside a Temporal Seam consisting of several environments. 

The raider role steadily grows in strength, even being able to obliterate parts of the map to reduce the options civilians have. The civilians have access to weapons, tools, and special abilities to protect themselves and can even contest the raider for a time by completing certain map objectives. However, they’ll likely aim to escape by obtaining all the power keys for the Super Time Machine. 

Watch the Dragon Ball: The Breakers Announcement Trailer here:

With the star power of the Dragon Ball series characters and several ways to determine the outcome of a given match, Dragon Ball: The Breakers looks like a fresh take on the genre.

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