Entire Worms Franchise is Now on Sale on Steam

The entire Worms franchise, old and new, is up to 90% off on the Steam Store.

I have a soft spot for the Worms series of games. It was one of the first games I’d ever played on PC, and to say that 9-year-old me was addicted would be an understatement. While the series’ popularity has certainly wavered over the past few years, the franchise’s developers, Team17, have been regularly pumping out new releases. Now, they’ve put their entire roster of games on sale until June 29, 2023. See below for all the details on the Worms Steam Sale. 

Worms Steam Sale Details (June 2023)

The Team17 Worms Steam sale will occur from June 23-29, 2023. Players can visit the Worms Steam Sale Page to view all the titles on sale. 

Some of the most popular Worms titles include: 

Players can also scoop up the Worms Collection, which includes popular Worms games and DLC. 

The Worms franchise is a beloved series of strategy games featuring anthropomorphic worms in humorous, turn-based combat. Players control teams of worms, using a mix of conventional and absurd weapons to eliminate opponents across destructible landscapes. Since its inception in 1995, the franchise has expanded to numerous platforms, offering addictive multiplayer gameplay that blends strategy and humor. 

Whether you’re a more old-school Worms fan or prefer the mechanics and graphics from the new titles, there’s something for everyone on the Steam sale. 

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