Epic Games Store Free Game (July 28, 2022)

Whoever said nothing in life is free is a liar. Check out the Epic Store Free Game for July 28, 2022. Read below to learn more.

Another fabulous week is here with another amazing free game from the Epic Game Store. This week, Epic is giving away a game that will scratch an itch in some people’s satisfaction centers. This game will be free on the Epic Games Store from July 28 – August 4, 2022.

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Epic Games Store Free Game for July 28, 2022

What Are the Current Epic Games Store Free Game this Week?

Epic Games Store is now offering Lawn Mowing Simulator. Epic Game Store free game of the week will be available until July 28, 2022. They will be taken off the Epic Games Store at 11 a.m. EST.

The title doesn’t lie. Lawn Mowing Simulator, is well… a lawn-mowing sim in a realistic world where you work under the sweltering heat for minimal pay. Sounds fun, right?

In reality though, Lawn Mowing Simulator is actually a pretty well-thought out game. In addition to getting a variety of mowers that you can choose from, you can also inject some of your style into the way you mow lawns. Want perfect strips of grass? Sounds good. How about a completely smooth plane of cut green stuff?

In Lawn Mowing Simulator, you prep the site first, cleaning away litter or trash that might obstruct your powerful fleet of mowers. Then, you’re tasked with a little maintenance by weed wacking before you pull out the big guns, the mower.

Watch the Lawn Mowing Simulator trailer below:

What was Epic Games Store’s Last Free Game?

The last free games that Epic gave away was Shop Titans and Tannenberg.

How Do I Get the Epic Free Games?

To get the free games from Epic Games:

  1. Download the Epic Game Launcher.
  2. Head over to their Free Game Page.
  3. Redeem the free games.

What Other Games are Free on Epic?

Epic has not yet announced the future games for free, but we’ll keep you updated and we’ll make sure to post if Epic makes any more announcements on free games in the future.

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