Eternal Return 1.0 Releases July 20

The announcement was accompanied by a new animation teaser.

Eternal Return, which has been in early access since October 2020, is finally ready to make its full debut. Eternal Return has already made waves in the gaming community, with a peak of 50,000 concurrent users during its early access phase. The game’s innovative approach to the battle royale genre earned it the Popular Game Award at the 2021 Korea Game Awards.

A Fresh Start for New and Returning Players

Eternal Return 1.0 is the result of extensive feedback, rigorous testing, and continuous development. The game has seen 70 major updates and nine seasons of content growth during its early access phase. Now, Kakao Games and developer Nimble Neuron are ready to present a polished, fully-realized version of the MOBA.

The game’s mechanics have been streamlined for a more intuitive experience. Players no longer need to master complex maneuvers such as “climbing with a rope” or “scaling a wall.” Instead, traversal in Eternal Return 1.0 is more straightforward, allowing players to focus on the action.

Eternal Return 1.0 Rewards

The launch update of Eternal Return 1.0 introduces a host of new features that enhance player engagement. Players can now explore the stunning world of Lumia Island in greater depth, immersing themselves in the game’s rich lore and vibrant environment.

To celebrate the launch, players can earn a variety of cosmetic extras from June 28 to July 17. These include:

  • Four new emotes
  • Midnight Aurora Rio Skin
  • Dr. Nadja icons
  • Dr. Nadja background
  • Dr. Nadja border

Read the official Eternal Return dev journal to learn more about the game leading to its July 20, 2023 launch. 

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