Evercore Heroes Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

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MOBAs are fun. The wide cast of characters, the interplay between items and abilities, and the satisfaction of a well-executed plan. Vela Games is bringing us a new concept in that same sphere in 2023 with their newly announced Evercore Heroes. Here’s what we know about the Evercore Heroes release date and details on the game. 

What is the Evercore Heroes Release Date?

Vela plans to release Evercore Heroes in 2023. They are still determining release platforms but are currently holding playtests on PC. Evercore Heroes is planning a pre-alpha test for October 13-17, 2022. Players can sign up on the Evercore Heroes website

What is Evercore Heroes?

Evercore Heroes is a competitive PVE game with a MOBA foundation. Players will be working in 4-man teams with the ultimate goal of defeating a boss. Players must balance gathering Luum to reach the stage boss while protecting their Evercore to stay in the match. Evercore was developed by Vela Games–a game development company founded by industry veterans with members that previously worked at Riot and Electronic Arts.

Watch the Evercore Heroes trailer here: 

Similar to the upcoming Exoprimal, teams of players will be competing against other teams to complete the main objective first. Unlike Exoprimal, players can only indirectly interfere with each other’s efforts. This means snagging team buffs before the others can and making obstacles to their progress.

Evercore Developers Want Community Input

The devs put a strong focus on community interaction. They are interested in players talking with them on Discord regarding shaping the game, including topics such as monetization. 

Players can communicate with the developers and talk to others in the community by joining the Evercore Heroes Discord.

Judging from their site’s FAQ, they’re settling on a price for initial entry, with the title being Free To Play beyond that. With Overwatch 2 making headlines with their revamped cosmetic system, hopefully, the developers and community can come to an agreement before launch.

No more getting bushwhacked for half my HP? Sounds promising. Check out our News Section for updates on this and other titles.