Everything We Saw at Asmongold’s OTK Games Expo

Did you miss Asmongold's OTK Games Expo? No worries, here's our coverage for the entire event.

On June 8th, popular Twitch Streamer Asmongold hosted the first-ever OTK Games Expo. The OTK Games Expo took place at 2 p.m. EDT and featured over 15 different games in a variety of different gaming categories.

OTK Media is a media organization and influencer network based out of Austin, Texas, focusing on web content creation in the gaming sector. OTK, an acronym for One True King, was formed in October 2020 by content creators and streamers Asmongold, Mizkif, Esfand, Rich Campbell, and Tips Out. The organization has hosted various events, primarily surrounding World of Warcraft, and won Best Content Organization of 2022 at The Streamer Awards. OTK Games Expo was streamed at WePlay Studio live on Twitch.

Everything We Saw at Asmongold’s OTK Games Expo

Asmongold gives 50k in Grants – 30k to RDBK Studios for Renown

One of the best things about the OTK Games Expo was the fact that OTK gave out $50,000 in grants to two small indie gaming developers. Any support smaller gamer developers get adds to gaming innovation and diversity.

Neodash got 2nd place for a $20,000 grant along with a free Razer PC powered by Intel.

OTK gave the $30,000 grant to RDBK Studios for their game, Renown.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how this game develops.

There were a ton of games on display for the OTK Games Expo. Here’s a list of every game featured in the show.

Action Games

Knights of the Deep
Developed by: Prima Materia

A chaotic crustacean fighting game with 14 characters, items and online multiplayer. Odd but interesting, we’re looking forward to watching our favorite streamers play this one. Knights of the Deep Early Access will be available September 1st on Steam.

Samurai Zero
Developed by: Neo Interactive

Based in a science fiction, cyberpunk universe, Samurai Zero is a sword-based hack-and-slash game. PvP oriented, it looks like there’s a lot of unique combination and movement styles you can employ in the game. A playtest should be available later this year.

Esse Proxy
Developed by: South Games

A top-down action shooter reminiscent of old-school GTA, Esse Proxy looks just as violent and fun. There is an early-access demo available on Steam now.

Developed by: Axan Gray

Tron-like racing game with rocket-league physics, NeoDash was one of the standouts from the show. With its stylish neon aesthetic and fast-paced racing, this is one we’re looking forward to playing. NeoDash is scheduled to come out later this year. Add it to your Steam wishlist.

GORI: Cuddly Carnage
Developed by: Angry Demon Studio

A fun action game where you are in control of a cat on a hoverboard. As the name implies it is very gory, but surprisingly cute. The game is scheduled to come out soon, so make sure to add it to your Steam wishlist.

Adventure Games

Developed by: Orion Games Inc.

A mishmash of different game types with a colorful artistic aesthetic in an open world. This is another one that we’re looking forward to trying out. The free demo is available on Steam now.

Developed by: Dapper Dog Digital

In this Metroid-mania game, you are inside a body, like a badass Osmosis Jones. A side-scrolling action-packed game akin to Super Meat Boy, Bio-Gun looks pretty fun. Download the free demo on Steam now!

Below the Stone
Developed by: Strollart Studios

A Roguelike, in Blow the Stone you mine for materials, get different items and fight monsters. With randomly-generated areas, it looks like games we’ve played and loved in the past.

Figment 2: Creed Valley
Developed by: Bedtime Digital Games

Figment 2 is a super-stylized action-adventure game. Set in a carnival-like setting, this RPG looks like a blast to play. The prologue is now available on Steam.


Developed by: Toukana Interactive

A Civ-like game, you can build your empire larger and take on other empires. You can purchase the game for 13.99 USD on Steam right now.

Destiny’s Divide
Developed by: FOBIA

An online card game that looks like it has as many combinations and builds as Hearthstone. Free-to-play, the planned release is in 2022/2023.

Immortal – Gates of Pyre

Funded via Kickstarter, the developers about how they want to incorporate cooperative gameplay in an RTS. They also discussed how they want to make the game more simple than the usual RTS. To learn more about the game, visit the official Immortal site.

Spirits of the Helllements
Developed by: Hippo Rider Games

Spirits of the Hellements is a tower defense that feels very use-map-settings in Warcraft 3. Unlike other tower defense games, this game lets you set up paths and change the direction that mobs are going. You can purchase it for $11.99 USD on Steam now.


Developed by: Lockpickle

You control the legs of a block as you platform and swing around on a 2D map. The art style is very cute and the free demo is available on Steam.

Cat Box Paradox
Developed by: Biscuit Locker

You are a pixelated 2D cat jumping from platform to platform. Cat Box Paradox reminds me of old-school Megaman and the story behind how the game was developed is pretty touching. It is available on Steam for $5.99 USD.

Developed by: Mizkif

A game in development by one of the Expo’s hosts, Mizkif, Unrooted looks to be a unique nature-centric platformer. It’s slated to come out in Winter 2022.

Developed by: Mongoose Rodeo

A Shovel Knight-inspired game, we’re excited for all the movement opportunities in this one.

Party Games

Minigame Madness
Developed by: Chaotic Entertainment

Early-game demo is now available on Steam. Minigames, lots of minigames.

The Matriarch
Developed by: Chewa

If you always wanted to pretend to be an NPC, The Matriarch is for you. Like Among Us and stylistic and funny. Head over to Steam to add it to your wishlist.

Fueled Up
Developed by: Fireline Games

Speaking of Among Us, Fueled up is a 1-4 player game with each user completing different tasks on a spaceship. There is a free demo available on Steam right now.


Fashion Police Squad
Developed by: Mopeful Games

Fashion Police Squad is a stylistic doom-type FPS game. Instead of killing people you’re bestowing them with stylish threads. The early demo is out now on Steam.

Project Sparrow
Developed by: Dids

Project Sparrow is a 3rd person arena shooter where you use bow and arrows and try to land trick shots. It’s basically like if you played Widowmaker only in Overwatch. Project Sparrow is currently 20% for $10.39 USD on Steam right now.

Choo-Choo Charles
Developed by: Two star games

A horror game with an interesting and creepy art aesthetic. Upgrade your train and escape with your life.

Rocket Bot Royale
Developed by: Winterpixel Games

Rocket Bot Royale is a Worms-like game where you control small tanks and use different items and weapons to wear down your opponents’ health and take them off the map. It’s available on Steam for $2.99 USD.


Developed by: RDBK Studios

If Medieval combat rust sounds as fun to you as it does for us, you’ll need to check out Renown. We’re itching for the release of this game, but you’ll be able to participate in a combat test on 6/13/22. Add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

Developed by: Filament Games

A game where you build different robots to achieve specific tasks. The artstyle for the game looks cute. The full game is coming Q4 of 2022, but there is a demo on Steam right now.

Abriss – Build to Destroy
Developed by: Randwerk

Like the name implies, Abriss is about building up giant towers and then destroying them in various ways. The game uses advanced physics models and an Early-Access version is available on Steam for $16.99 USD right now.


Steel Guardian

A first person medieval game designed for VR, Steel Guardian looks very interesting. Learn more about the game on the Steel Guardian website.

Age of Cataria
Developed by: Third Pie Studios

Ages of Cataria is a village story generator where you play a god and see your villagers age. Skills and personalities abound–the game is also persistent.

Puzzle Games

The Last Cube
Developed by: Improx Games

A puzzle game where you roll around as a cube, unlocking different portions of the map. Available now on Steam.

Escape Academy
Coin Crew Games

First person mystery game where you have to solve complex puzzles to unlock different rooms and missions. Great 2D art style in a 3D world. Coming out on Steam July 14.

Headless Jeff 3


Knight Crawlers
Developed by: Good Morning Games

Knight Crawlers almost looks like an action game more than an RPG. Check out the gameplayer trailer below:

Genfanad: Generic Fantasy Adventure
Developed by: Rose Tinted Games LLC

A self-aware RPG that looks a lot like Runescape. Genfanad looks like it can be a funny and interesting game. It’s free on Steam now.

Kinfire Chronicles
Developed by: Incredible Dream

A roleplaying adventure based around cards–this is another Kickstarter funded game. Learn more about the game on their site.

The Pale Beyond
Developed by: Bellular Studios

Love old-time ship sims? You’ll love The Pale Beyond. Check it out on Steam here.

Ethyrial: Echos of Yore
Developed by: GellyBerry Studios

A Runescape-type game, Ethyrial: Echos of Yore is a perfect game for those looking for an injection of nostalgia. Get it free on Steam here.

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