Evil West Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know

Shoot monstrous beasts in style when Evil West releases on multiple platforms later this month.

Evil West is a narrative-driven action-adventure set in the wild west, in which players must work to eradicate a vampiric horde. With a combination of guns, agility, and lightning fists, players will work to become a real wild west superhero in Evil West. But when can players expect the game to release? Here’s what we know about the Evil West release date, including the trailer and details on the game.

When Does Evil West Release?

Fans of western-themed games can get their hands on Evil West when it releases on November 22, 2022. Though the game has been delayed a few times, it now has a set release date for this month. The exciting third-person shooter will drop on multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Watch the Evil West trailer here:

What is Evil West?

In Evil West, players will assume the role of a vampire hunter named Jesse Rentier. As Jesse, players will explore the supernatural, tall tales, and more as they make their way – and their fortune, from slaying undead baddies.

This is not your typical western, and while gun combat is certainly going to be a thing in this game, players also have access to a few tricks. Most notably, players will have a lightning-infused gauntlet that they can use to inflict heavy punishment to all who dare to cross them. Using all of the typical style firearms from the time period, including six-shooters, long guns, and even a flamethrower, players can dish out the pain in style.

For those looking for an exciting foray into a retelling of historical episodes set in a dark version of the wild west, check out Evil West when it releases later this month.

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