F-Class Adventurer Skill Builds (April 2024)

Here's a bunch of different skill builds and loadouts you can equip for various activities in F-Class Adventurer.

F-Class Adventurer is a mobile RPG with many different progression systems. If you want to climb through the stages, kill bosses, and climb the ranks with ease, having many different skill setups is essential. The optimal skill loadout depends on what type of activity you’re doing, so we put together this list of all the F-Class Adventurer skill builds you can use for main stages, boss fights, and events.

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F-Class Adventurer Skill Builds

Here are the best skills to use in F-Class Adventurer:

  • Main Stage Progress: Bless of Defense, Bless of Heal, Sword Rain, Restoration Strike, Cyclone, Hell Slash
  • Farming: Sword Rain, Magnetic Field, Earth Explosion, Cyclone, Wind Wave, Star Fall
  • Growth Tower: Bless of Defense, Bless of Heal, Sword Rain, Critical Slash, Magnetic Field, Restoration Strike
  • Gear Stone Tower: Bless of Defense, Bless of Heal, Restoration Strike, Critical Slash, Earth Strike, Meteor Sword
  • Challenge Tower: Bless of Defense, Bless of Attack, Cyclone, Star Fall, Magnetic Field, Sword Rain
  • Skill Growth Boss: Bless of Attack, Bless of Skill, Critical Slash, Wound Slash, Hell Slash, Blade Storm
  • Emblem Boss: Bless of Attack, Bless of Skill, Bless of Melting, Bless of Mana, Meteor Sword, Earth Strike
  • Guild Boss: Bless of Attack, Bless of Skill, Critical Slash, Mana Restoration Strike, Hell Slash, Meteor Sword

Those are the main skill builds to consider using for the various activities in F-Class Adventurer. Of course, you should experiment on your own to find out what works best for you. 

Regardless of which skills you choose, make sure you slowly level up all of your skills to Lv.25. Doing so unlocks effects that are account-wide, and you still get the effects even if the skill is not equipped. Start with the top row and work your way down. You should also consider going to the Currency shop and purchasing Talent Coins and Skill Growth Books. 

Additionally, you can also sell your leftover Skills for those that are maxed out. To do this, simply click on the skill on the Skill menu, click Sell, and then choose All to sell all the overflow skills you own. You can use this currency to purchase skills you actually need from the Skill shop.

We’ll be updating this guide as we progress deeper through the game and as the meta evolves. Please comment below with your thoughts, your own personal builds, and anything else you might find helpful for F-Class Adventurer players!

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