FAITH: The Unholy Trinity Release Date and Details

Retro horrors await this October for the Faith: The Unholy Trinity release date.

FAITH Chapter III is finally releasing as part of FAITH: The Unholy Trinity. After being teased back in September 2020, the 8-bit horror game releases Friday, October 21. Airdorf Games (also known for video game tie-ins to The Wind and Extra Ordinary) is teaming up with retro publisher New Blood Interactive (Amid Evil and Ultrakill) to bring the climactic finish to the FAITH series. With its atmosphere, demonic premise, and strategic use of voice synthesizers and rotoscoping, it’s easy to see why. Read ahead for the FAITH: The Unholy Trinity release date and details.

What is the FAITH: The Unholy Trinity Release Date?

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is releasing on October 21, 2022. It is available on PC through Steam. Players can play the first entry through the demo on Steam or, and demos are available for Chapters 2 and 3.

What is FAITH: The Unholy Trinity?

FAITH is a survival horror trilogy set in the 1980s. In this world, the Satanic Scare was well-founded: Cultists and Demons run amok. Players take control of John Ward, armed with only a cross. John explores while exorcizing spirits and demons to save whoever he can. The series begins with John approaching the site of a failed exorcism. John barely escaped with his life on the first attempt and returns to set things right.

Watch the release date announcement for FAITH: The Unholy Trinity here:

Like many games of recent years, the lore is drip-fed through notes and minor details in the environments. The series is known for macabre scenes (created with the help of rotoscoping) and multiple endings, with the first game sporting 5 different outcomes based on the Player’s final decision. 

Crosses are good, but has John tried a chainsaw? It works really well for the Doomslayer. Read our News Section for updates on this and other titles.