Fans React to Mario Bros. Trailer

Mama mia Luigi, that's a lot of downvotes

Nintendo’s teaser trailer for a new Super Mario Bros. Movie dropped yesterday, and fan response has been mixed. While Jack Black as Bowser has been getting plenty of positive attention, Chris Pratt as Mario–well, suffice it to say, slightly less so. 

What is the Fan Reaction to Chris Pratt as Mario?

Fans thus far have been unmoved by his performance, finding the Jurassic World star’s depiction of the famous plumber less than inspirational. Many users commented negatively on this Reddit post for the trailer. 

User SonicMaster12 said: 

“I never had doubts about Jack Black as Bowser. That always made sense to me. I’m still not sold on Chris Pratt as Mario, though.”

Others on Twitter went even further, commenting on Pratt’s performance: 

Considering Chris Pratt had been expressing pride in his iteration of the classic character just this June, it’s sad that some fans are not appreciating his efforts. 

Surprisingly, the French version of the trailer received more praise, with fans citing it as more authentic to Mario’s voice, particularly nailing his iconic “waa!” from his N64 days as he first launched out of a pipe. Whether the voice is more the product of Nintendo’s direction or Pratt’s execution remains to be seen. 

Anyone that hasn’t seen the trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie yet can check it out here:

Mario releases on April 7, 2023, so there is still a chance for changes, as happened with the Paramount Pictures adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog. The latter film received a much warmer response after the changes.

The odds are that Nintendo will release more teasers as the release date approaches and give their community more clips of Mario voicework to compare to the 40 seconds worth we heard in the trailer.

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