Final Fantasy XVI Demo Now Available for Free Download

Square Enix has released a free demo for the upcoming game Final Fantasy XVI

The Final Fantasy XVI demo provides players with a sneak peek into the game’s opening prologue, offering a glimpse into the narrative and gameplay mechanics. The demo was announced during the Final Fantasy XVI Pre-Launch Celebration in Los Angeles on June 11, 2023, and is now available for download. 

How to Get the Final Fantasy XVI Demo

The Final Fantasy XVI demo is available exclusively to PlayStation 5 owners. To get the demo, visit the PlayStation Store and add the game to your library. 

Players will step into the shoes of the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, and navigate the initial stages of his journey. The demo also includes a special battle demo, allowing players to test out a variety of attacks and combos.

The progress made in the demo will carry over to the full game, which is set to launch on June 22, 2022, for PlayStation 5 consoles, so players won’t have to re-play areas they’ve already beaten. 

Final Fantasy XVI Ascension Trailer

In addition to the demo, Square Enix also unveiled a new trailer titled ASCENSION, which offers further insights into the game’s high-octane action-RPG gameplay.

Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, a land blessed in the Mothercrystals’s light, where the Blight threatens peace. The game introduces a new mechanic in the form of Eikons, mighty summoned beasts, and their Dominants, individuals who can call upon and control these beasts.

To learn more about the game, visit the Final Fantasy XVI website.

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