How to Find an Old Wheel in Dinkum

Need to find an Old Wheel to craft something you need? Don't worry. Here's where you can find an Old Wheel in Dinkum.

If you’ve started to build up your town in Dinkum, you will inevitably need an Old Wheel. Old Wheels are required to construct the Grain Mill, which you need to start leveling up your farming. Like other items in the game, an Old Wheel is an uncommon (green) item you find in the world, not one you craft. Here’s how to find an Old Wheel in Dinkum. 

How to Find an Old Wheel in Dinkum

Look In Barrels 

The first place you should look to find an Old Wheel in Dinkum is in barrels scattered across the map. Typically, they will be partially buried under the ground and can be found in all the different biomes on the map. Since things are randomly-generated, there is not one precise location, but if you run around long enough, you’re bound to come across some. 

How to Find an Old Wheel in Dinkum
Image via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Walk up to the barrels, pull out an axe or spear, and left-click on them until they break. Then, hit the E key to take the contents. You may have to break quite a few barrels before encountering an Old Wheel. 

Old Wheel in Dinkum
Image via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Digging to Find Old Wheels in Dinkum 

Another option is using a metal detector and shovel to dig for Old Wheels. The drop rate on Old Wheels when you prospect seems the same as finding them in barrels but is faster because you can hit many more dig sites close together. Best of all, you don’t have to search for clusters of barrels. 

The downside of digging to find Old Wheels is that it will cost you both Dinks and Permit Points. 

Here’s how you can prospect for Old Wheels in Dinkum: 

  1. Visit Fletch and purchase the Metal Detecting Licence for 1000 Permit Points. 
  2. Purchase the Excavation Licence for 500 Permit Points. 
  3. Visit John and buy a Metal Detector for 6,600 Dinks. 
  4. Buy a Crude Shovel for 900 Dinks.
  5. Equip the Crude Shovel and Metal Detector to your toolbar. 
  6. Pull out the Metal Detector and hold the left mouse button. 
  7. Walk around. When the beeping gets faster and louder, it means you’re going in the right direction. 
  8. When the beeping hits the maximum level, pull out your shovel and dig the square that was beeping. 
  9. You should find an item. Keep doing this until you find an Old Wheel
Old Wheel in Dinkum
Image via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

If John doesn’t have a Metal Detector, it’s because you still need to purchase the deed for his shop. Only then will he have upgraded gear like the Metal Detector. Save the other items you find while you prospect, as they will come in handy in the future. 

And there you have it! You should now be able to find an Old Wheel in Dinkum!

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