How to Get a Motorbike in Dinkum

Vroom Vroom! Here's how you can craft and ride a motorcycle or Motorbike in Dinkum.

We don’t blame you if you want to ride across the Australian outback with the wind in your hair. The country is beautiful–almost as beautiful as the imaginary world in Dinkum the game. If you didn’t know, one of the things you can do in Dinkum is getting a motorcycle or Motorbike. Continue reading to learn how to do it.

How to Get a Motorbike in Dinkum

Here’s how to get a Motorbike or motorcycle in Dinkum: 

  1. Visit Fletch and get a Vehicle Licence Level 2 for 2,400 Permit Points. 
  2. Visit Franklyn when he comes to your island. 
  3. Speak to him and select the Can you make me something? option. 
  4. Select the Motorbike option. 
  5. If the Motorbike option is not there, give Franklyn Shiny Discs that you can find with a metal detector or in barrels. 
  6. Bring Franklyn the required materials and 80,000 Dinks
  7. Press the Commission button. 
  8. Go to sleep and check your Mailbox the next day. 
  9. Put the Motorbike in your toolbelt and click to place it on the ground. 
  10. Walk up to your Motorbike and right-click to ride it. 
  11. Control your Motorbike with WASD. You can press Spacebar to jump! 

And there you go! You can also buy a motorbike from Franklyn if you ask him to move in as a permanent resident. 

Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Here’s a video of us getting the Motorbike in Dinkum: 

Don’t lose faith if Franklyn can’t make the Motorbike at first. Keep selling him Shiny Discs, and eventually, he’ll be able to research and craft it for you. If you find a field filled with barrels, there’s usually enough Shiny Discs for him to learn incredible things. On top of it all, he pays you premium Dinks for the knowledge, so it’s a win-win all around. 

Materials Required for a Motorbike in Dinkum

The following materials are required for a Motorbike in Dinkum: 

  • Old Gear x10
  • Old Spring x4
  • Iron Bar x5
  • Old Contraption x1 
  • Old Wheel x2
  • 80,000 Dinks
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

You now know how to get a Motorbike or motorcycle in Dinkum! 

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