How to Get Prime Meat in Dinkum

Can't find Prime Meat anywhere in Dinkum? We've got your back. Here's where you can find Prime Meat and how to defeat the Alphas.

Are you on the hunt for some Prime Meat for some super good buffs? Prime Meat is an end-game ingredient in Dinkum that you get from killing Alpha animals on your island. Here’s how and where to get Prime Meat in Dinkum. 

How to Get Prime Meat in Dinkum

To get Prime Meat in Dinkum: 

  1. Speak to Fletch and click Let’s talk about the town
  2. Click Can I see the deeds?
  3. Buy the Bulletin Board for 10,000 Dinks.
  4. Equip and place the Bulletin Board. 
  5. Wait for an Alpha Bounty quest to appear.
  6. Hit to pull up your map and look for a red skull icon.
  7. Travel to the skull icon and kill the Alpha animal. 
  8. Collect your Prime Meat. 

To get Prime Meat in Dinkum, place a Bulletin Board, wait for a Bounty quest to appear, then locate and kill the Alpha to collect your Prime Meat. 

Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

And there you have it! Getting Prime Meat is pretty easy; the hardest part is just waiting for the quest to pop up on your Bulletin Board. As a bonus, you’ll also get a ton of Dinks for completing the quest. Eventually, the quests will refresh randomly, and the Alpha hunt will become available again. Rinse and repeat to get even more Raw Prime Meat. Continue reading if you’re having trouble killing the Alpha. 

You can cook Raw Prime Meat on the campfire or BBQ and it provides a +50 Health and +10 Stamina bonuses.

Killing the Alpha Croco and Alpha Bush Devil in Dinkum

Alpha animals are strong enemies in Dinkum. They have powerful and unique attacks that are unlike their normal variants. To kill the Alpha animals in Dinkum, it’s important to time their special attacks. When an Alpha animal attacks, a red indicator flashes above their heads. 

Strafe and try to hit the Alpha from the side or back. When the Alpha has white dots above his head, you can usually get off 2-3 quick attacks in succession.

It would help if you also stocked up on food that provides you with buffs so you can survive the fight. 

Here’s a video of us killing the Alpha Croco in Dinkum: 

Here’s a video of us killing the Alpha Bush Devil in Dinkum: 

As long as you don’t take too much damage from their unique moves and side-step them when they attack, you should be able to defeat them, even if it takes a second. As you practice, you’ll get better at timing their attacks. 

You can play Dinkum on Steam.

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