All Food in Dinkum Stats and Bonuses

In Dinkum, food is a critical consumable. Here are all the foods in Dinkum with their stats and sell prices.

A critical aspect of Dinkum is food. In Dinkum, food replenishes your stamina and health bar and gives you buffs that can boost your character’s health and stamina pools. There are many foods, everything from the fruits and veggies that grow from trees and on the land to the meat that animals provide after you hunt them. Here is a list of the current foods in Dinkum and the stats and bonuses that come along with them. 

This article will break down the Dinkum food into two categories: Raw and Cooked. If you are looking for Cooking Recipes in Dinkum, please see our Cooking Recipes list.

All Food in Dinkum

Raw foods are all the food you can find freely in the world of Dinkum. All these foods are found on plants or by killing creatures in the land. You can cook these foods directly on a campfire or BBQ, or use them as an ingredient for a recipe at the Cooking Station. 

Cooking Raw Foods on the campfire or BBQ increases the effectiveness of the food, which can sometimes provide it with special buffs. You can also sell it for a lot more money if that’s how you’re looking to get Dinks. In general, you should always cook raw foods unless you’re in a bind.  

Dinkum Food (Raw)

Here are all the raw foods in Dinkum: 

Food NameEffectsSell Price
AppleHealth: +5Ð 107
BananaStamina: +5Ð 248
Bush LimeHealth: +2
Stamina: +3
Ð 90
Cactus FigsHealth: -5
Stamina: +2
Ð 100
Croco Meatn/a Ð 625
EggStamina +5 (bonus)Ð 350
Flaken/aÐ 950
Jellyn/aÐ 400
Meatn/aÐ 400
QuandongHealth: +3
Stamina: +2
Ð 110
Raw Drumstickn/aÐ 350
Raw Giant Drumstickn/aÐ 500
Raw Prime Meatn/aÐ 2,000

Dinkum Food (Cooked)

Here are all the cooked foods in Dinkum: 

Food NameEffectsSell Price
Cooked AppleHealth: +10Ð 390
Cooked BananaStamina: +10Ð 290
Cooked Bush LimeHealth: +4
Stamina: +6
Ð 190
Cooked Cactus FigsStamina: +5Ð 250
Cooked Croco MeatHealth: +25 (bonus)
Stamina: +10 (bonus)
Ð 1,750
Fried EggStamina: +10 (bonus)Ð 525
Cooked FlakeHealth: +20 (bonus)
Stamina: +20 (bonus)
Ð 1,900
Cooked MeatHealth: +10
Stamina: +8
Ð 800
Cooked QuandongHealth: +8
Stamina: +8
Ð 220
Cooked DrumstickHealth: +5
Stamina: +10
Ð 700
Cooked Giant DrumstickHealth: +5
Stamina: +10 (bonus)
Ð 1,500
Cooked Prime MeatHealth: +50 (bonus)
Stamina: +10 (bonus)
Ð 6,000

And there you have it! For more Dinkum knowledge, head over to our Dinkum Section