How to Get Coins (Dinks) Quick in Dinkum

Is your Dinkum town deeply in debt? Don't worry, we have the solution. Here's how to make coins (Dinks) fast in Dinkum.

If you’ve been playing Dinkum for any time or have any permanent residents, you know that running a town isn’t cheap. In Dinkum, the goal is to build up your town and attract new visitors with all the awesome things your land has to offer, but doing so requires a heap load of coins, known as Dinks. There are several ways to make money in Dinkum, but all of them are not created equal, and some will net you Dinks far faster than others. Here’s how to get coins, or Dinks, quick in Dinkum. 

The best way to make Dinks quick is by doing all these methods at the same time. If you do all of them simultaneously, you’ll gain the max amount of Dinks and get your town out of debt. 

How to Get Coins (Dinks) Quick in Dinkum

Selling Animals

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The number one way to increase your Dink portfolio is by selling animals. This method is great because you can start in the early game and continue with it throughout the late game. To sell animals, you’ll need to get your Trapping Licence from Fletch. Once you have it, you’ll unlock a blueprint for a Simple Animal Trap. 

With this, you’ll be able to trap Jackaroos and Turkeys. Selling just one Jackaroo nets you 6,400 Dinks. You can see how selling animals gets you coins quick in Dinkum.

As you level up, you’ll be able to build more advanced traps and catch higher-level animals, which will net you even more Dinks per animal. Traps are great because they are a passive way to make money–meaning you don’t need to sit there and do anything–you can wait for the animals to get caught in the traps while doing quests. 

The best part of all, your traps and Dinks will be delivered the next morning in your mailbox, so you don’t need to keep building traps and can reuse one trap several times. 


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One of the active ways you can make more money is by fishing in Dinkum, then selling your fish to John. Fishing nets far more Dinks than catching bugs, but less Dinks than selling animals. As you journey throughout your world, note any bodies of water you’re passing by. 

If you notice a tight group of fish, it’s an excellent opportunity to earn a few extra Dinks while completing missions or improving your town. It’s best to go to the fish, not wait for them to come to you in Dinkum, so seek out bodies of water with a high density of fish. 

You can also fish at night while you refine ore or wait for your Grain Mill to make Animal Food. 

Catching Bugs

While catching bugs won’t make you a fortune, it is an easy way to make some Dinks on the side while you complete missions or do other essential things on your journey. After all, swiping with your bug net only takes seconds and could net you a few hundred Dinks for your troubles. Always look for opportunities to grab whatever bugs might be in the area, then sell those bugs to John. 

Completing Side Missions

The last and least efficient way to make coins quick in Dinkum is completing side quests. You’ll need to do this anyway to have a good relationship with your Town residents, but sometimes it also results in some Dinks. Even though rewards for side quests are randomized, you can also sometimes sell the rewards you get from the quests for quite a few Dinks with John. 

To do side quests:

  1. Visit any Resident of your town.
  2. Click on Lets Chat.
  3. Click Got a Job For Me?
  4. Complete the side mission objectives. You can check these by pressing ESC and going to the Tasks tab.
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And there you have it! Those are the most efficient ways to make Dinks early in the game. While you can try selling crafted materials to John, usually, this can be time-consuming because you need to gather all the materials on top of using some of them to advance in the game. If you do all 4 of these methods simultaneously, you’ll make some severe Dinkage and get your town out of debt in a flash. 

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