How to Fish in Dinkum

Are the fish frustrating you in Dinkum? No worries, this guide covers everything you need to know about how to fish in Dinkum.

If you’ve hopped into the world of Dinkum already, you know there are a ton of professions you can choose for your character. One is the fishing profession, but knowing how to fish isn’t completely obvious. No worries, though; we’ve got your back. Read on to learn how to fish in Dinkum. 

How to Fish in Dinkum

Before you start fishing, you’ll need to get your fishing license from Fletch. The hardest part of fishing is getting the timing perfect. 

Here’s how to fish in Dinkum:

  1. Talk to Fletch. 
  2. Click I want to apply for a licence. 
  3. Click Fishing Licence
  4. Visit John’s tent and buy a fishing pole. 
  5. Look in the water for fish. 
  6. Left click to cast your reel. Try to aim next to a fish, so they bite your bait faster. You can hold left click to cast your reel further.
  7. Wait for the fish to nibble on your lure. This takes anywhere from 1-4 nibbles before the real bite occurs.  
  8. Tap left click when the fish bites down. The sound and splash will be heavier than the nibbles. 
  9. Hold left click to reel the fish in. 
  10. Let go of left click when the fish tries to swim away. If you don’t do this, your line can break. This is indicated by a bar on the right of the screen.

And that’s how you fish in Dinkum! You might need to try it on a few casts before you can get the timing right. The most important part is clicking left click as soon as the fish bites down, which will be indicated with a louder splashing sound and animation. 

If you are still having problems fishing, see this handy guide we created for YouTube:

If you mess up a cast, your fish will ignore your lure for a bit, so try casting it on a different fish to see if they react to you. You won’t be able to reel in jellyfish with the fishing pole, so there is no need to try that. 

If you mess up a cast, press the right mouse button to pull in your line quickly. This will save time. If you overshoot your cast, you can left-click to pull the bait closer to the fish. This is faster than pulling your line in and recasting it. 

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