How to Unlock the Rocket League Car in Fortnite

Octane boosts into Fortnite

Rocket League and Fortnite fans are getting an exciting crossover as the infamous Octane boosts into Fortnite. Complete with all of the bells and whistles from Rocket League, players can use Octane to boost, jump, double jump and even ride on walls. Here’s how to unlock the Rocket League car in Fortnite, Octane, including the Creative Codes you need to unlock the car. 

How to Unlock the Rocket League Car in Fortnite

Fortnite players can only access the Rocket League car, Octane, inside the Creative game mode. To access the Rocket Leauge car in Fortnite, enter Creative mode. Walk over to the game console to change the level and enter Island code 7808-4434-5127 for Rocket League’s Octane Template.

How to Unlock the Rocket League Car in Fortnite

You can also enter 7335-2078-5523 for the Octane tutorial map. Doing so will let you instantly access the Octane Tutorial Island and can help to give some extra inspiration before creating your own high-octane islands.

How to Use the Rocket League Car in Fortnite

In addition to adding the blazing-fast Octane to the game, players can also access special Rocket Boost devices. These are the same boost-granting units that players may recognize from Rocket League and work similarly in Fortnite. 

Image via Epic Games

When a player drives over them in the Octane, they will be able to restore their boost meters, which can lead to some interesting applications in Creative Mode. 

On top of having Rocket Boost devices, those who dabble in Creative will also see that there are other Rocket League props available with the Rocket League Prop Gallery. Players who access this Gallery will be able to use Rocket League Trusses, Chevron Lights, a Car Statue, and Banners in their builds.

A Special Fortnite Creative Competition

Because of this, Epic Games is challenging creators to create the most insane maps imaginable to use the Octane and its special abilities. Players who create the best islands will be featured in a special Discover Row in November 2022.

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