How to Get Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops

Watch your favorite Rust streamers on Twitch for some epic in-game drops.

Rust is a popular survival online multiplayer game that can feature some intense and high-stakes gameplay. With so much to learn and do in Rust, players may want to watch some of their favorite streamers to see them participate in high-level gameplay. However, with the Streamerland Rust Event, players are not only able to have fun watching their favorite streamers but will get rewarded for it as well. Here’s how to get Rust Streamerland Twitch drops

How to Get Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops

To get Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops, visit the official Facepunch Streamerland Drops page, link your Twitch and Steam accounts to Facepunch, then watch a Rust Streamer and start collecting your rewards! 

See below for step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Sign into the Facepunch Drops Page with your Twitch account. 
  2. Sign into your Steam account on the page. 
  3. Click the Activate Drops button. 
  4. Watch one of the streamers listed below for channel-specific drops or any streamer streaming Rust with Drops Enabled on their channel. 
  5. Visit your Twitch Drops Inventory to view the progress of your drops. 

Note: You cannot watch more than 1 Rust streamer at a time to get multiple rewards. You must collect Rust Streamerland Rewards one at a time. 

When is the Rust Streamerland Event?

The Streamerland Rust Event kicks off October 6, 2022, at 1 p.m. EST, and runs until Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 6 p.m. EST, so gamers only have a limited time to claim all the rewards on the list.

Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops and Rewards

During the event, there are a few different ways to earn the loot drops. The first is by watching certain streamers for a specific amount of time. The second is by watching any Rust Stream on Twitch that tagged Drops Enabled.

Channel Specific Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops

These streamers and their drops include:

  • sinmastv: Watch for 2 hours to earn a special garage door
  • Agustabell212: Watch for 2 hours to earn a special locker
  • geitta: Watch the stream for 2 hours to earn a special garage door
  • TrakasSinN: Watch the stream for 2 hours to earn a semi-automatic rifle
  • xLibano: Watch for 2 hours to earn a special jacket
  • rocha4444: Watch for 2 hours to earn a special rocket launcher

Each item is themed after the streamer that players must watch to unlock the item in game. This is a fun way for players to support their favorite streamers by watching their stream and repping them in Rust.

Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops
Rust Streamerland Channel-Specific Twitch Drops

General Rust Streamerland Twitch Drops

In addition to streamer-specific rewards, players can also earn the following drops by watching any Rust Twitch stream with “Drops Enabled” listed:

  • 3 Hours of Streaming: A garage door
  • 6 Hours of Streaming: A Streamerland-themed double metal door
  • 9 Hours of Streaming: Assault Rifle

To redeem any Crates that you earn during the event, log into Rust, go to Inventory, then click and open the crate you want to open. 

For more info on upcoming Twitch drops and rewards, visit our News Section