Rust Servers Experiencing Widespread Outages

Facepunch has announced that server issues for their popular survival game, Rust, result from Steam’s weekly maintenance. 

If you’ve been unable to log into Rust servers recently, you’re not alone. Recently, the official Rust Twitter announced widespread outages for players worldwide. Server issues began occurring after weekly maintenance earlier this week and continue to persist through today. According to a tweet from the official Rust account:

We’re still seeing large amounts of users unable to connect to servers after Steams weekly maintaince period. We’re continuing to monitor and have reached out to Valve to find a solution. We apologize for the downtime.

Most players started experiencing connection issues on June 6, 2023, and the server problems have continued to persist into today. 

This leaves a deluge of players without a way to log in and defend their bases, collect resources, and get a good start on the monthly wipe. If you’re a Rust player, you fully understand the importance of getting a good start after a fresh wipe, so this has left a sour taste in many players’ mouths. 

Back in November, Rust developers, Facepunch, announced that they would be migrating to Steam servers. While we’re not sure whether this is impacting the overall performance of their online servers or has anything to do with this downtime, there is a chance this is the case, considering that the company pointed towards Steam weekly maintenance as a primary culprit. 

Rust has been pretty reliable over the years in terms of performance for a live-service game, and widespread server issues like this are few and far between. Hopefully, the servers will be back up for everyone soon. 

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