Rust Patch Notes (November 3)

The Rust patch notes for November 3 brings a new gun, more gambling, and better graphics.

The servers have wiped, Halloween is over, and Rust players can get their hands on a brand-new pistol with an insane fire rate. The folks at Facepunch never seem to disappoint and are always making tweaks and improvements to our favorite survival game. Here are the Rust patch notes for November 3, 2022. 

Rust Patch Notes (November 3)

Here is what changed in the Rust update on November 3: 

  • New Pistol: Prototype 17
  • New Caboose and Blackjack Machine 
  • QoL Enhancements
  • Graphics/Rendering Improvements
  • Bugfixes

New Rust Pistol: Prototype 17

If you’re a fan of the semi-automatic pistol but always wanted something with a little faster fire rate and less recoil, the Prototype 17 pistol is made for you. Essentially a Glock with burst fire, the Prototype 17 can triple-tap an enemy in less than a second if you have good aim. 

Rust Patch Notes (November 3)

With a 3-round burst fire mode and an 18-round mag, the Prototype 17 will be a terror on the battlefield. Maybe this gun will become the new mid-tier pistol of choice. 

Caboose and Blackjack Machine 

If you’re into the casino, you can now visit one while terrified within Rust! The Caboose will have two slot machines and a blackjack computer that can seat 1-3 players. 

Watch the Prototype 17 and Caboose in action here:

The Blackjack mechanic is simply Blackjack. The computer pays at a 3:2 ratio, and players can wager 5 to 500 scrap. 

QoL Enhancements

The following QoL enhancements were made in the November 3 Rust Patch update:

  • Attachment Swapping: Players can now swap attachments by right-clicking and dragging attachments to attachment slots. 
  • The death screen now updates when assigned a bag when dead. 
  • Players can now cap the menu screen to 60 FPS. 

Graphics/Rendering Improvements

Graphics now render textures at further distances more sharply without the trade for performance. 

In addition to these updates, Facepunch also announced they would be moving to Steam Networking servers, which should have minimal impact on players. 


Here are a list of bugfixes for the November 3 Rust Patch: 

  • Fixed furnace workshop icons getting an unintended halo effect
  • Fixed Water Barrels and Fluid Switches draining 1 power when connected to a battery powered circuit
  • Fixed missing sfx when igniting/extinguishing the skull fire pit
  • Fixed some cases where the Research Table would show incorrect info when inserting tools from the Lumberjack pack
  • Fixed debug.showworldinfoinperformancereadout not working for non-admins
  • Fixed xor not reducing passthrough by 1
  • Fixed memory cell not reducing passthrough by 1
  • Fixed splitters not updating power when output is destroyed
  • Fixed nav mesh stalling server for 250ms when being generated
  • Fixed NRE in combatlog on modded servers
  • Fixed flashlight & laser attachments not working in turrets
  • Fixed team members not always showing up when giving auth on bags / turrets
  • Fixed missing colliders when modular car rear seats are placed at the front of the vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where train cars could merge inside each other after uncoupling

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