Rust Update April 2023 – Wipe Time and Content Update

A new month of Rust is upon us, here's when servers will wipe.

If you’re ready to hop into your server to start steamrolling the competition, you’ll need to know exactly when Rust servers wipe so that you can get started on time. Keep reading for the official Rust Wipe time and content update details for April 2023.

Rust Update April 2023 Wipe Time

According to the official Rust Twitter, Rust’s monthly wipe will occur on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. GMT. As it is every month, this will wipe your progress, items, and buildings. Server downtime of around 1-2 hours is expected. 

To view some of the changes coming with the April wipe, see below.

Rust Update April 2023 Details

The following general updates and enhancements for the Rust update for April 2023 are as follows: 


  • Easter Event!
  • Double Horse Saddles: Two players can now mount up on a horse together! It can be crafted at a level 2 bench or purchased at any Stable.
  • New Map Markers: Five types of markers will now be available.
  • Pings Introduced: Players can now ping different elements in the game.
  • Floating Containers
  • New Models for dropped items: Updates to the dropped models for certain items like the HE rockets, shotgun ammo, traps, and more.
  • Placing doors on re-deployable items added back into the game.
  • Computer Station Improvements
  • Fix for Garage Doors: This fixes the glitch that used reflections to show players behind Garage Doors.
  • Other fixes and improvements

For a busy development team at GDC, we’re surprised to see the number of changes and fixes coming in this month’s patch. It just goes to show that Rust is constantly evolving over time.

For a video rundown of all these changes, check out the Shadowfrax video on Youtube. In addition, Facepunch did receive threats at the recent GDC meetup event, which we reported on. We will update this post as soon as new details emerge.

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