Ghost Song: Elsom the Ogre Boss Guide

Melee focused Players beware, Elsom the Ogre boss is punishing. Here's our in-depth Ghost Song guide on how to defeat him.

It turns out we jumped the gun in Ghost Song again. Elsom the Ogre is supposed to be fought directly after Henriette The Changed One, on the way back from Roslock Drift Gamma. We fought him on the first trip to the Junkpit. It’s a harder fight, but still doable. Whether you’re fighting him as intended or seeking to best him early, here is our Ghost Song Boss Fight Guide for Elsom The Ogre.

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Ghost Song: Elsom the Ogre Location

Elsom the Ogre can be found when returning from Roslock Drift Gamma. Exiting the area through the Part Room will lead back to a vertical shaft you couldn’t climb previously. Climb to the top, and on the right side is a gap that leads to a Save Room and Level-Up Statue. Elsom is right next door. See below for a map of his exact location.

Ghost Song Elsom the Ogre
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Ghost Song

Players taking the alternate routes have to work a little harder. The vertical shaft that leads directly to the Junkpit from Lupoto is one route but leads to a forced fight with multiple big robot heads. The other way is to go straight up in the room after the Hulking Fist room. Shoot the metal wall-clinging grubs a couple of times to turn them into platforms to get up there.

Defeating Elsom the Ogre in Ghost Song

To beat Elsom the Ogre, players need to be patient and keep their distance. Then, wait for openings to attack. Having the proper weapons and modules will greatly aid you in your battle.

For an in-depth guide on his Elsom’s attacks and our suggested modules and weapons, keep reading.

Elsom the Ogre Attacks

The good news is that Elsom only has melee attacks. The problem is Elson’s swings outrange every melee weapon, so melee weapons are too risky to use here. The junked robots are slow and easy to destroy; watch for the visual cues of where they’re spawning to avoid cheap hits.

Elsom starts with 2 attacks: an overhead smash and a jumping overhead smash. The severed robot head they wield as a flail is enormous and sends a shockwave forward on impact. 

Ghost Song Elsom the Ogre
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Ghost Song

Both attacks can be countered by jumping out of the slowing muck covering the arena floor and Phase Dashing through Elsom’s hitbox. Shoot them in the back a couple times after landing, then move away before they return to their normal stance.

Ghost Song Modules for Elsom the Ogre

We’ve heard from other Players that the Chill Crumbler from Six-Finger Woods is very strong here. Testing against similar enemies showed good damage so we’re inclined to believe them. We also heard and confirmed that Molly’s Tweak (from talking to Molly each day) locks this weapon into its more powerful mode. This combination is great for the fight; Elsom is always trying to move into close range where this weapon shines.

For bold Players that came here early, the Coburn Launcher is the best choice. It deals good damage in the limited windows that Elsom is vulnerable. Players can also find Fome The Blob in Lupoto to get the Blob Bloom Blaster Module. The bloblings spawned by this weapon can continue to attack Elsom when the Player can’t. 

Towards the end of the fight, Elsom gets angry and shows a new attack: swinging their flail back and forth in a frenzy. Getting caught in this attack will pummel you; be ready to Phase Dash away. It’s not worth attacking during this move because the flail itself blocks shots. 

For Players of either sort, one Suit Module is key: the Robotic Heart from Huttle Drop, the area leading to Junkpit. This grants Hyper-Armor after a Dash. With this, poorly-timed Dashes will still provide some protection.

Elsom the Ogre Rewards

Elsom drops the Ogre Device Suit Module when they are defeated. This grants a good boost to Vigor (increasing Max Health and Melee damage) and lets players charge their melee attacks for even more punch.

That was our guide on beating Elsom the Ogre in Ghost Song. We hope it helps with one of the game’s tougher fights.

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